Cat Show Picture

This is a nice cat show picture. This is a popular cat show and it took place in Dundee Scotland. There are a lot of visitors meandering and mooching along in between the row upon row of purebred cats in cages. There is something rather odd and telling about it. The cats are specimens to be looked at. It is almost like being in a zoo. Show cats get used to being in cages in noisy halls and being hauled out of the cage to be handled and inspected by a judge. They have to get used to it because it is not an ideal environment for a domestic cat. For me one of the outstanding aspects of the cat shows I visited was the noise. They are noisy because they take place in barns of places in which sound bounces of the structure and reverberates around the interior.

Cat Show Picture
Cat Show Picture. I don’t have the photographer’s name, sorry.
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Some Anxious Cats

The image quality is not that good to be honest. But the point of view is good and the perspective has been compressed by a telephoto lens. Imagine the chaos that might ensue if a cat escapes and runs free around the hall. It must happen from time to time. Another slightly strange aspect of the photo is that I can only see two cats, one ginger and one grey. Often the owners put curtains around the cages to stop the cat being distressed by the attention. Perhaps also the curtains are designed to stop visitors poking their fingers through the cage to touch the cat. Some breeders don’t like it. They think it can spread disease from one cat to another. Some cats are anxious while others are more relaxed. I remember one breeder telling me that her cat had grown tired of being shown at cat shows and she was retiring him.

At cat shows you’ll see cats curled up on cat litter trays inside their cage. This is indicative of a cat seeking comfort in his own smells. For me cat shows are slightly strange places and breeders can be a bit strange too. This a type of person who is a cat breeder. You could draw up a cat breeder profile. This is a nice cat show picture but I’d like it a bit sharper.

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