Cat Size Facts For Kids

This page, written for children, shows the sizes of cats of the world, wild & domestic. I show the weights of some domestic cat breeds and typical domestic cats together with the sizes of all the wild cat species. The size is based on weight but I also show lengths for all the wild cats. As for domestic cats, I have shown the tallest and longest domestic cat heights and lengths.

Warning: I have been careful but there will be arguments about length, height and weight of all cats.

Most cat breeds include cats that are of a “standard” weight. I have chosen some cat breeds that are smaller or larger than normal to show the differences to wild cats.

Normally, the heavier the cat, the bigger (longer and taller) the cat, as long as we don’t include very fat cats! You can see that the domestic cat, the cat in your home, is small compared to almost all the wild cats but some wild cats are smaller than some domestic cats. This is because domestic cats are tamed cats of a species (type) of wild cat called “the wildcat”. You can see the African wildcat in the list.

At the top of the list is the heaviest single cat in the world. The world’s heaviest cat is neither a cat breed nor a true wild cat. He is tame and like a domestic cat but he weighs much more at about 920 pounds (417 kilograms). The world’s smallest is a wild cat: the rusty-spotted cat.

Conversion chart – shows weights and lengths in pounds (lbs) and in the “metric system” (decimal system).

1 pound is 0.454 kilograms (kgs)10 millimeters (mm) is 1 centimeter (cm)
1 kilogram is 2.2 pounds (lbs)100 centimeters is 1 meter
1 meter (m) is 3.3 feet (ft)


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Note: an Ashera GD is not a cat breed. It is an F1 Savannah except for the name.

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