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Cat Sleeping, Dreaming, Third Eyelid Movement, Twitching — 3 Comments

  1. Can’t comment, as can’t retrieve video.

    Some fun words, however:


    SUSURRATION. (A favorite of Dean Koontz.)





    Last four also courtesy of Mr. Koontz.) 🙂

  2. Ah bless him, I wonder what he is dreaming about? I just love that kitten! Look at those chocolate brown pads, the photos and videos send me into ecstasies, so being there with him must be absolutely wonderful for you Michael.

    • I would love to know what cats dream about. It should be things like playing and hunting. He is quite active when he dreams!

      I have no idea what the noise is unless it is background noise I don’t hear because I am used to it. Although it is very quiet where I live.

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