Cat Sleeping, Dreaming, Third Eyelid Movement, Twitching

Cat dreaming and twitching
Cat dreaming and twitching. Pic: MikeB.
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3 thoughts on “Cat Sleeping, Dreaming, Third Eyelid Movement, Twitching”

  1. Can’t comment, as can’t retrieve video.

    Some fun words, however:


    SUSURRATION. (A favorite of Dean Koontz.)





    Last four also courtesy of Mr. Koontz.) 🙂

  2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Ah bless him, I wonder what he is dreaming about? I just love that kitten! Look at those chocolate brown pads, the photos and videos send me into ecstasies, so being there with him must be absolutely wonderful for you Michael.

    1. I would love to know what cats dream about. It should be things like playing and hunting. He is quite active when he dreams!

      I have no idea what the noise is unless it is background noise I don’t hear because I am used to it. Although it is very quiet where I live.

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