Cat sleeps by foot pedals in moving car and firetruck mows down trees!

This might be the weirdest cat video that you have seen. In the first half of this sort 50 second video, we see a grey tabby cat sleeping in the foot well of a moving car right next to the foot pedals which is not a wise thing to allow a cat to do because it is difficult to drive a car safely under those circumstances – obviously! And then, suddenly, in an entirely unconnected incident, a firetruck goes off the road and mows down large trees before coming to a grinding halt. The guy driving the car videos his cat at his feet and then pans up to video the firetruck mowing down trees because he hears loud bangs. That’s my written description of the video and it is totally weird because both elements of it are very strange.

Please note that this video is embedded from the website and sometimes those videos disappear. So, if you can’t see it, which would be a shame, I apologise but I have no control over the video itself on

Here are a couple of screenshots if the video fails to run properly:


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