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  1. Bengals are a trip down sound strangeness way. Mine never meowed until she was four. Makes a little trill sound that she uses like “Hello!” (in the English sense). Howls like a dog after jumping into a window, barks, chirps…all the Bengal repertoire. Snores too. But I’m posting about her chattering. Initially just for birds, she’s adapted it to any talking with people. If you’re going out and you say, “Bye, I’ll be back in a minute”, she always chatters something. Ditto if you sneeze. If she’s sleeping in the sun and you ask if she likes it, she’ll chatter back at you. And now, she’s started doing it in her sleep. Every now and then she does it so enthusiastically that she actually bites her lip with one of her fangs. That’s a Bengal though. Just when you thought you’d seen every odd kitty thing they can do, they come up with something else.

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