Cat sprays urine over a $3,000 designer gown at fashion show

Cat sprays urine over expensive gown
Cat sprays urine over expensive gown
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I have guessed the price of the gown but it is probably about right. Wait until the last second of the video to see it. The cat must treat the place where the fashion show is taking place as his home. It is outside. The cat is probably a community cat; semi-feral but quite domesticated. This is a classic case of a cat spraying urine to reinforce the message that this is his territory. He is leaving a calling card. It is interesting that he considered the gown a solid, inanimate object like a tree. Basically everyone there were invading the cat’s home range and he wants them to piss off! – pardon the pun.

The lady wearing the dress looks down after being sprayed. I’d like to know what she thought. She’ll probably never get the smell out of the dress and have to take it to a charity shop. Bang goes three grand.

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