Cat springs off kitchen counter in a peculiar way as it is covered in tin foil

The maker of the video said: “I got sick of my cats jumping on the kitchen bench so I thought I’d try this after seeing it on tiktok.”

Cat momentarily scared after jumping on kitchen counter covered with tin foil
Cat momentarily scared after jumping on kitchen counter covered with tin foil which terrifies him. Screenshot.
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It is an interesting video as the cat woman’s cat jumps off in a very peculiar way. It is what makes the video funny. The cat’s reaction is very similar to the reaction of cats when they turn around a see a cucumber of the ground behind them. They jump vertically too. And they are also frightened of what might be an unknown and hostile creature that endangers their life.

Do you find it funny? Tin foil frightens cats which is why this cat ‘springs off’ as I have said. He is momentarily terrified of what he has jumped on. The foil is a great surprise to him. I believe the reason why cats are scared of tin foil is because of the noise it makes.

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

If a cat is near you when you tear off some tin foil from a roll or scrunch it up the cat will probably run away. It makes a sound a bit like a rattlesnake. It may be the snake-like sound that scares cats. It will be something they have inherited; and inherited memory. It is in their DNA. It is not learnt.

I happen to believe that it is not a good idea to make these sorts of video because they depend on frightening your cat to make them popular. Is that a good idea?

A study found that in about a third of funny cat videos the cat is stressed or anxious. Take a look at the funny cat videos on YouTube or TikTok and decide if the cat is relaxed or might be stressed.


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