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Cat stabbed in the eye and kicked in the stomach while pregnant — 15 Comments

  1. Uh. Wishing for others to be in a place that was originally created for the fallen angels is quite an atrocious desire. When pointing the finger you have 3 pointing back at you. I don’t wish for anyone to go to hell. Even my worst scum person on this planet. We should edify each other instead of saying what not to do.

  2. I have two words for those kinds of people: FUCK. YOU. You have no right to be treating animals this way and that should be Something that can put you in jail just as long as murder can! These people make me sick and if I ever meet one I’mma punch them and then break their arm. In case you haven’t noticed, I absolutely HATE people like this. They can DIE IN HELL.

  3. I just know chinese people are not particular known for their ompassion towards animals. As for the shitty bastards who promote animal cruelty I just have a few words for you: BURN IN HELL!

  4. I hate TNR! That’s not your pet, that’s a wild animal! You have NO RIGHT to take away the breeding rights of a creature that is SUPPOSED to procreate! I hate people who abuse animals and support TNR! That goes to you too, Inhumane Society, you sick bastards!

    • I am surprised that you are against sterilising feral cats. It is a sign of failure, yes. It is failure of humans because we created feral cats. But as a poor compromise TNR is the best solution otherwise there’d be too many feral cats and some idiots will be hurting them or local government will make an order to kill them. What’s best?

    • Dude – you can’t allow out of control feral populations to continue to breed so more cats will suffer. You sound like a nutcase. I would rather feral animals be spayed and neutered, it is more compassionate. I don’t want the animals to suffer.

  5. If I kept letting any pet of my roam in your yard and you didn’t want it there I’d expect you to do the same to my pet for my being just as disrespectful and inconsiderate to you too. Why is it that you cat-people fail to get this? Until you keep your cats confined people will keep on killing and torturing them to death. Just as your cats do to all the other animals in everyone else’s yards that they care about and love. You get what you give! And then you are surprised and shocked by what you yourself have caused to have happen to your own cats? Blaming everyone else for what you deserved to have happen to your own cats? SMH

    • You really are a callous, rotten, disgusting excuse for a human. I can only hope something like this or worse happens to you or your family.

    • You don’t understand. This cat doesn’t have an owner. How would you feel if your mom was homeless and she came onto my property asking for food and I just beat her with a stick? How would you feel if I killed your sister because I didn’t like having her around? Terrible, right? Now imagine how someone who loved their cat like family suffered through exactly that. Stop being so stupid, and try having a little compassion. It’s like you never went to preschool.

  6. Again…People in China are not known for their kindness to animals or other people for that matter. There are so, so many stories/cases of abused, neglected animals there. Lots skinned for their fur to be used on items sold internationally, boiled alive/butchered to be eaten. Some animals abducted by others from people for this purpose and others from the streets. So many petitions to stop these types of things and yet…the government there cares less!!!!! Compassion, empathy & sympathy for others (both people and other species) is NOT taught to them and they are NOT BIG on it! There’s plenty of information about this on the internet too.

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