Cat stares at fridge, what his owner found shocked him

Kleve, Germany near the Dutch border: The local firefighting service reported on Facebook that a man’s cat discovered an orange snake behind the fridge. He called the local firefighters for assistance and they took the snake to a veterinarian.


The pictures are by the Kleve fire department. They are thumbnails. You can click them for larger versions if you wish.

The snake was a North American corn snake. It is not poisonous. They are not a danger to cats or humans apparently. The big question is why was it there? It was clearly behind the fridge for warmth but why was it in Germany? An escaped pet snake is my guess.

Cats are good for picking up faint signals that something is amiss in the house. It could be anything but it is usually a faint noise which is undetectable by humans but which a domestic cat picks up with their superior hearing. Then they stare at the spot in fascination and finally are compelled to investigate because they are such inquisitive creatures.


P.S. The North America corn snake feeds on rats and kills them by constriction.


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3 thoughts on “Cat stares at fridge, what his owner found shocked him”

  1. Cats are so amazing. I’ve often been alerted to sounds in and outside of my home that they pick up that I never would have, even if I knew they were there.

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