Cat still missing in Mount Vernon after carjacking over the weekend; car recovered

UPDATE October 29, 3:45 p.m. Baxter has been found safe, thanks to social media. The finder saw the story and quickly contacted Baxter’s owner. I’ll be adding more details and a few photos later. My computer refuses to take me to Facebook at this time. My friend Deirdre Mary McElroy has the reunion on her Facebook page if you want to check it out!

A cat who was taken during an unarmed carjacking over the weekend in Mount Vernon, Maryland is still missing. The vehicle has been recovered.

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The carjacking occurred in the parking lot of the Maryland Historical Society when Faith Peck was picking her daughter up on West Monument Street. Police responded around 5 p.m. Saturday and reported two unknown black men approached the vehicle on the driver side.

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One of the suspects attempted to take her keys. According to an interview with CBS Baltimore

“They just kept saying ‘Lady get out of the car, listen to me get out of the car, and were forcefully holding my arms and dragging me out of the car and shoved me onto the ground.”

Although Faith lost her purse, credit cards, license and glasses, she says the most important thing taken was her companion animal, Baxter, who was in a blue carrier on the passenger seat.  Faith attempted to grab Baxter but the two men pulled her out of the car and drove away.

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According to a post on social media, a $100 reward is being offered for his safe return, no questions asked. The reward may go higher as animal advocates pull together to raise a larger reward.

Please share this information with friends in the Mount Vernon/Baltimore area. He is microchipped which increases the chances of him being identified if someone turns him in.

I wrote this quickly to get the word out. Please forgive any errors.

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