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Cat Stuck in Peanut Butter Jar Euthanised But Not before Birthing Kittens — 12 Comments

  1. Different species of flies give different species of maggot. Some feed on dead flesh, others eat live tissue. Back during shelter work we saw cats that had to be put down because of fly-strike (carnivorous maggots burring through live flesh).

  2. It really depends are how deeply these gruesome worms penetrated her brain, as with other organs they feed upon while the poor suffering cat is[unfortunately] still alive. I have read Vet tales about the excruciating pain an infested animal has to endure in the process. Seasoned Vet’s have witnessed severe damage beyond repair_past saving more often than we can fathom.Zoo animals suffer from this condition if neglected and have to be put down because it had advanced way before being discovered.

    Eva_I as others wish her problem had been addressed immediately. Sad.

    • Maggots can arrive to feed on dead flesh and in doing so they improve the health of the cat. I recall that one way of treating injured soldiers in the first world war was to let maggots eat the dead flesh. I think this particular health issue could have been dealt with but I am unsure.

  3. Cats in much worse shape have received veterinary care and fully recovered and in the process become human friendly.
    In a discussion with my local ‘ shelter ‘ they told me that any cat that appeared feral would be euthanized. That is why I paid to have the stray we helped put in a no kill rescue.
    This is also a reminder to cut the bottom of chip and other mylar, plastic bags and re-lid jars before disposing of them. Everything else should be flattened.

    • Thanks ME. As you have said I think there was a lack of desire to save her life because she was difficult and semi-feral and combine that with health issues and you have death.

  4. Cont’d: Forgive me if I’m over-reacting, but compounding the problem by giving the kittens cute names (Peanut Butter, Jelly, etc.) makes a joke of the mother’s plight & shows all too clearly how badly this was handled. Am I right???

  5. I think this is a ghastly incident that appears to have been badly mishandled. If there were resources to foster a litter of newborns, couldn’t there have been an attempt to let the cat recover and nurse her kittens? Maggots can be removed & the affected area healed — I know this from direct experience. It really upsets me to think what this poor creature went through, both before & after her rescue.

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