Cat stuck in the suspension springs of a car. Weird but successful rescue.

This is for Ruth aka Kattaddorra and the other regulars who are a bit down for all kinds of reasons one of which is all the bad cat news. Sorry for the bad news. The news media churn it out.

This appears to be an Eastern European county or Poland or perhaps Russia. They patiently remove a cat from the springs of a car. How the cat got into the space is totally beyond me – really. It seems utterly bizarre.

Yet, the guys did some patient and careful work to dismantle the component and remove it from the vehicle and then extract the cat.

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8 thoughts on “Cat stuck in the suspension springs of a car. Weird but successful rescue.”

  1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    So lovely to see a happy ending story 🙂
    We have to face all the horror and abuse of cats every day, it’s what we do, or we can’t help them by writing about it and letting others know. But sometimes it comes to melting point and other life problems on top tipped me over the edge yesterday.
    Thanks Dorothy for finding this and Michael for posting it to cheer us all up.

  2. Wow, that was amazing! That poor kitty. I have no idea how he or she got in there. But great team work its definitely encouraging after all the bad cat news lately. Hope everyone has caught up on sleep laterly. I guess not though.

  3. It is wondrful to see the kitten saved,such happy
    news ,but did he find a loving home to go live in furever.

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