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Cat stuck in tree dies and is taken by a vulture — 8 Comments

  1. “Noel Baley, who lives nearby, didn’t know Carcamo by name but recognized his photo, calling him the “pied piper” of feral cats in the neighborhood. He said Carcamo was friendly and often seen feeding cats on the street. … According to the criminal complaint, the superintendent of 25 Overlook Terrace, the building where Carcamo lives, told authorities the 60-year-old had “many” cats in his apartment and that he had seen him Carcamo, on multiple occasions, picking up dead cats from around the building, placing them in individual plastic bags and hanging them from a tree nearby.”

    http : / / www . usatoday . com / story / news / nation / 2014 / 11 / 18 / cat-massacre-arrest / 19230375 /

    Your logic about HSUS and all the others offering a reward is so impeccable, isn’t it. All those organizations frequently offer rewards as a tax write-offs and for the press it gets them for even more donations to line their own pockets. Knowing full-well that they never have to ever pay-out any rewards — ever. It’s all part of the money-making scam they use by exploiting all the suffering cats that they cause by promoting free-roaming cats. Even some of your own regulars here torture cats to death and then parade them in the media for donations for themselves. One of them even buying a new car on one of their cat-torturing money-making scams and then complaining later publicly they couldn’t afford to take their new dying cat to a vet and then started-up a new donation scam. But you won’t print the proof of that, lest everyone see just what kind of company you that keep and support. It would make you look just as disgusting. But you already know that, that’s why you refused to print any of it last time.

  2. A vulture will not take a live cat. Nor will a cat die of starvation nor dehydration in so short of a time. It must have climbed down on its own, as they all do. The “vulture” portion was either fictional for attention-seeking or just a coincidental sighting.

    I got to wondering about the usual reply to those scenarios, “Ever see a dead cat in a tree?”

    Surely, Google-Images, with its billions of selfies and in-peril cat-photos MUST have tomes and tomes of dead-cats in trees to PROVE that millions of cats die that way (by natural selection).

    I put “dead cat in a tree” into Google Image search.

    I got a whopping 185 hits out of the billions of photos available through them. To test photo availability, I did a search just on the letter A. I get 7,310,000,000, 7.31 Billion. The word “the” returns a slightly lower hit-count. Cat OR Cats returns 521,000,000 hits.

    Only TWO appear to be actual dead-cats fatally stuck in a tree. And we don’t know if they got there on their own or were already dead and carried there as an owl’s, hawk’s, or eagle’s cache — one that might have died and never returned to eat. Or the cat just found dead on a road and put there for the mythical photo-op. Or maybe the tree was even struck by lightning while it was there. (A hawk died that way in a tree here one year.)

    With the millions of cats climbing trees and getting stuck each year, I’d say the statistics of needing to save any cat from any tree is near absolute zero. What’s 2 out of 521,000,000 cat-photos, statistically speaking. And we have no proof it even died from that natural-selection behavior.

    Interestingly, the most photos are from a TNR fan who was arrested for hanging all his dead TNR-cats in a tree. Huge brouhaha over that a few years ago, HSUS & ACA offering enormous ($25K) rewards to find the person killing cats by bludgeoning them to death with the found-nearby baseball-bat and pipe, and hanging them in a tree. They even paid for a huge billboard-ad to find the culprit. Only to find out it was a cat-lover that was scraping his roadkill TNR cats off the pavement after having fed them his whole life, putting his death-by-attrition TNR cats in bags and hanging them in a tree to keep animals from desecrating his dead TNR cats.

    • Thanks Sue for a great comment. Much appreciated and I agree with a lot of what you say. I’ll comment further later today.

    • Hi S Perkins, I have now had time to read your comment fully and in detail and it is not as good as I thought it was. In fact I think you could be Woody (a troll). I agree that cats don’t die when stuck in trees but it is possible and in my opinion the story is plausible although unlikely.

      As for the cat murders and being hung up in black bags, I remember that well and wrote about it. Where did you get the information that this was a person hanging up road kill? That must be wrong and it seems like a malicious comment. The bodies were checked out and HSUS would not have offered a reward if there were doubts about the cause of death of these cats and kittens.

      • The only difference between Yonkers’ Rene Carcamo TNR cats and yours are that he took the time to find all the dead ones and hung them in trees where people could see what happens to the cats of people like you. He actually cared how his cats died and what happened to them afterward — unlike you.

  3. Oh man…. Yeah, this is also the first time I’ve read of one dying. I always suspected it could happen, especially the more tired, hungry, thirsty and scared they get. It is a real emergency! So, so sad.

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