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    • They used the Tresaderm drops initially because they saw bacteria under the scope, so they were treating with anti-biotic drops. The other drugs were used to sedate her so they could go “deeper”.

      The scratching is a sign that there’s a problem in her ears, but at this point we don’t know what it is. They really haven’t diagnosed the root cause, and I’m not going to let them put her under again.

      She’s an indoor cat, so she’s not exposed like outdoor cats. I just think of the discomfort of itchy ears.

      I’ve done a lot of research on this. Her ears don’t smell and there’s no discharge except for excess wax which is a normal reaction to a problem.

  1. Be aware that if the vet cleans your cat’s ears, then uses these drugs, your cat can have severe reactions as mine did. After ear cleaning, they put Tresaderm drops 15ml in her ear, and gave me the bottle to use at home. She woke up with one pupil larger than the other, which indicated a problem.

    When I called, they said to bring her in right away, and thought she might have a busted ear drum that the medicine was getting into. The exam showed “debri” on the eardrum, but it was o.k. They said not to give her anymore Tresaderm.

    They did a more thorough cleaning under sedation with Dexdomitor/Antisedan. (one knocks out/the other wakes up) The next day she could barely walk without falling over. I took her back in, and they said this was a “side effect” that might last 2-3 weeks.

    My research showed that these drugs had been recalled only a year prior.

    Please find out what drugs your cat may be given, and take time to research them. If you have a smart phone, you can do it right there in the vet’s office.

    If you can’t do that, please ask about side effects, so you know what to expect, since most vets won’t tell you.

    Recently, they cleaned her ear again, and gave her a steroid pill (Prednisolone 5mg),saying side effects might be drinking and urinating more. She didn’t do that, but she did have rapid breathing and staring. I thought she was dying.

    She’s recovered from that. I’m very reluctant to let them give her anymore drugs. Become informed, it may mean your cat’s life!

    • Wow, Sandra. Your story is shocking. It is a catalogue of severe drug side effects. I am like you actually. I resist drugs being given to my cat. They are a last resort and I think you are very wise to check immediately. Neat.

    • Om my, how frightening that must have been Sandra. I’m so pleased to hear your cat overcame all those problems.

      Thank you for posting this information. You’re right, we don’t question enough the medication or anaesthetics being used on our pets. Could you report the vet who prescribed re-called medications, to the authorities?

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