Cat Suffering From Stress?

by Julie Browns

Lola Belle is 3 yrs old and for the past few days she hasn`t been herself. She is anxious and nervy, has messed in the house more than once, if she has gone in her cat litter she has not even bothered to cover it up. Looks wide eyed and is on edge. She seems to be eating more than normal.

The other thing that I find very worrying is her bringing up “spit type of goo”. She has been taken to the vets who seems to think she is suffering extreme stress. Why we do not know, nothing has changed in the house, no new cats on the block as far as we know.

Wondering though if the recent fireworks freaked her even though we kept her inside it was still very loud. Can anyone help please, we love her to bits and we are so worried.


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Cat Suffering From Stress?

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Nov 22, 2009 Poor Bella!
by: Everycat

She’s very young for Hyperthyroidism, but I agree with Ruth and Micheal, that a 12 point blood panel including T4, would be really useful to see if anything physical is going on.

The fireworks this year have been unbelievably loud and persistent. Bella will have picked up on humans stress too with all the loud bangs going on. Visitors, workmen in the house, moving furniture – things like that can all really affect a cats feeling of security too. Have you tried Feliway diffusers? They can really help a cat feel more secure. I’ve keep a couple set up in the house all the time for my four cats. During firework month they are invaluable.

The foamy vomit might be a sign of gastric reflux, this can be caused by many things and it can really distress a cat as the acid from the stomach really hurts the throat and mouth. Stress can cause reflux, as can a change of food or even bouts of diarrhea or constipation.

Does Bella have some nice private places she can go to chill out and charge her batteries? Wardrobes and cupboards make great places for a cat to really relax properly in private.

I hope she feels better soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Nov 21, 2009 Lola Belle
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Michael is right,it does sound like feline hyperthyroidism! If I was you I’d take Lola Belle to a different vet for a second opinion and ask for a blood test to be done as it sounds much more than stress to me. Don’t worry as it can be treated.

I was a vet nurse but I’m retired now so I don’t know the latest treatment for this but it’s sure to be more advanced that it was in my day and it was successful even then.

I hope she’s better soon.

Nov 21, 2009 Symptoms
by: Michael

Some of these signs are symptomatic of feline hyperthyroidism. This disease is caused by excessive amounts of the hormone thyroid produced by the thyroid gland.

Symptoms are: restlessness, irritable, excessive hunger, weight loss, vomiting and increased volume of feces.

A thyroid blood test will confirm this. I am sorry to hear your story. I wish you both the best.

There is no substitute for a good veterinarian.

Source: Book 1 of Medical References and Methods

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