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Cat surrendered to shelter because he became too big for his litter box — 11 Comments

    • God Bless you too, Beatrice. I think this has been dealt with as the article was posted a long time ago. You are very nice to offer to adopt him.

  1. An obese cat is an unhappy cat. No doubt he was fed whenever he wanted attention, just to keep him quiet. Cats beg for interaction, not just for food.

  2. Hey there, Eva! Great minds think alike. I’ve never had a Maine Coon but I know they are HUGE. Buying a feeding trough is definitely the way to go for those beautiful cats.

    I’ve done that too, trusted people who were not trustworthy about my cats. I’m right there with you. There’s no way you could have known beforehand.

    I had a little rumpie Manx cat who had only a powder puff of a tail back there. I took her to the vet and we discovered that the lack of tail bones back there made it difficult if not impossible for her to use a litter box with a low edge. Her housemates were stumpies, with little crook tails, and neither Cujo nor Moo ever had a problem with the litter box. Maya had to literally stand straight up with her forepaws on the edge of this tall storage container I bought for her. I always made sure she had quality food, plenty of fresh water and fiber in her diet. There was nothing else I could do for her. Like you, I dealt with it, and the idea of getting rid of her never occurred to me.

  3. Good god! What the hell!
    This has to be one of the poorest excuses to surrender a cat that I have ever heard.
    He’s gorgeous, and I fear for his life. Sorry, but I think that these sorry “owners” have some sort of agenda that poor PJ didn’t fall in line with.
    May they burn in hell!

  4. Surrendered because he became too big for his litter box! That has to be one of the most pathetic excuses I have ever heard for abandoning your responsibilities as a pet owner. It’s right up there with ‘the cat doesn’t match the new carpet’.

    I find it hard to believe that the owners are so ignorant that it never ocurred to them to provide a larger litter box or ask a vet for advice on helping PJ lose weight.

    Fortunately, there are lots of decent pet owners out there, so hopefully PJ will be found a home with someone who will take better care of him than his previous owners.

  5. Hellooooooo* Serbella, Funny you should mention that, because I purchased my new large litter box from Tractor Supply. A feeding trough-large heavy plastic for my Maine Coons. They are more comfortable in this box. They are large cats and genetically built that way.
    I need to mention that the 11-year old Momma cat is over weight[ lrg body coon] with short legs [ one parent, her father was a Bobtail] .She has problems cleaning etc…… and other health issues so I deal. Her trouble began after I had her fixed. She was still nursing one of her 6 kittens and my husband & his Mother? were pressuring me to make sure this accident never occurred again. And so doing this to her body completely threw her into a hormone crisis and a psychological trauma.PS-I am a responsible cat owner and have taken care & raised every animal you could imagine for my entire life. I have a bond with them as I do my cats now & should not have listened to anyone who I discovered too late> knew very little if nothing of what they were advising me. My Coon cats are not overfed and the others are a normal size.Unfortunately, I even had to find another vet who could be more open minded. Eva

  6. Poor PJ. He is such a beautiful cat. I hope that he gets a loving forever home, he deserves it. You are not being too harsh in your statements. I only hope that these people NEVER get another animal. I wish that there could be a data base that would flag this type of person when they tried to adopt an animal.

  7. No Michael, I don’t believe you’re being too harsh at all. Those humans don’t deserve that cat, and the reason they surrendered him is stupid. Too big to use his litter box? More than likely they were too lazy to keep the box clean.

    And don’t get me started on how big they let PJ become.

    I know that the litter boxes found at Petsmart and Petco are small and overpriced. Even the jumbo litter boxes would be barely big enough for a Yorkie and they cost 12 dollars and up. When I adopted Samirah I found that since she is a tall, long cat, the litter boxes I bought were too small. I went to Home Depot here and bought two cement mixer bins that are over a foot and a half wide and over two feet long for five dollars apiece. Even an underbed storage container without the lid could be used.

    I hope PJ gets a decent home with caring humans. He deserves better.

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