Cat surrendered to shelter because he became too big for his litter box

This is novel. To surrender a cat to a shelter in Los Angeles because he has become too big to get into his litter box is either an act of madness or an act of gross negligence and irresponsible cat caretaking. I hope I’m not being too harsh but that is the way it looks to me.

PJ a cat given up to a shelter

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The cat is described as a Himalayan, which as you probably know is a purebred cat but he does not look like a Himalayan because he is not pointed. Himalayan cats have a pointed coat like Siamese cats. They are a pointed Persian cat. I would say he is a very large medium long-haired tuxedo cat.

In fact, “PJ”, as he is called, weighs 37 pounds, which is an extraordinary weight for a domestic cat when the average weight is around 10 pounds.

PJ was surrendered to the Castiac Shelter in Los Angeles because he could no longer get into his litter box. I presume, therefore, that he was eliminating inappropriately.

When you think about it, it wouldn’t take an awful lot of effort by the cat’s owner to have put him on a diet, take him to a vet for advice and provide a little bit of tender loving care. In doing that the owner would have received all the reward that he or she wanted from her cat and the result would have been far more positive and humane.

The decision they made to abandon their cat to a shelter is almost tantamount to killing him because who is going to adopt him?

Then again…perhaps somebody will adopt him because he has become a little bit of a celebrity but work is to be done to make him healthy again. He is going through a traumatic time. He needs a nice place to live and a nice person to care for him.

Shelter details:
Location: North Los Angeles County off Interstate 5 near Magic Mountain. 31044 Charlie Canyon Rd, Castaic, California 91384. Tel:(818) 367-8065. PJ’s reference A4839917.


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11 thoughts on “Cat surrendered to shelter because he became too big for his litter box”

    • God Bless you too, Beatrice. I think this has been dealt with as the article was posted a long time ago. You are very nice to offer to adopt him.

  1. An obese cat is an unhappy cat. No doubt he was fed whenever he wanted attention, just to keep him quiet. Cats beg for interaction, not just for food.


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