Cat survives a full express washing machine cycle

Cat survived wash cycle
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Felix, a one-year-old black and white cat (tuxedo), experienced a full 35 minute wash cycle and survived but was left temporarily blind and he has pneumonia because of the water in his lungs. His vet has said that he will recover fully.

His owner, Stefani Carroll-Kirchoff has been in shock for a few days. She said it will haunt her for the rest of her life.

She always checks the washing machine and the dryer before turning it on because she has three cats and we know how cats like to climb into the smelly clothes.

Well, on this occasion she obviously did not check and she put more clothes in the machine and Felix was in there. She set the machine to express wash. Perhaps it was not that hot and 35 minutes is a shortened cycle.

After the cycle she noticed that the clothes looked wet and was in the process of closing the door (perhaps to spin the clothes dry) when she spotted Felix’s paw.

She called her father and they raced him to the veterinarian. As said, he went blind but his sight is returning. Felix is still on oxygen.

There have been a couple cases that I have written about of cats being in washing machines. The most notorious concerns a Chinese woman who deliberately killed her cat this way. Quite horrendous.

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