Cat survivors of the deadly dog attack at Alabama shelter relocated to Ohio shelter

Dothan Animal Shelter

Dothan Animal Shelter

Thirty cats from the Dothan Animal Shelter who survived the shocking attack by two dogs from the same shelter who forced their way out of their cage killing 29, are being shipped out (or have been relocated already) to the Northeast Ohio SPCA No-Kill Pet Shelter in Palma. I am told that the cats will be adoptable today (Tuesday) but that needs confirming.

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Comment: I presume the reason for this relocation of shelter cats is because it is universally agreed by those with reponsibilities concerning the shelter that the facilities at the Dothan Animal Shelter are inadequate to secure the safety of the animals living there. It was agreed after the attack that the facilities needed an upgrade because the dogs had forced their way out of their pen. Clearly, that shouldn’t have been possible so they cage was not entirely secure. The Dothan City Commissioner Beth Kenward and Mayor Mark Saliba said that the shelter is outdated and needs upgrades but it is unclear as to when the work will be carried out and how it will be funded.

Report from Daily Mail online via WEWS – TV.

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