Cat T Shirts

Cat T Shirts

by Merrily

Somehow it seems that I have a number of T shirts with cats pictured on them.

One day while waiting for an X ray at a hospital I noticed a woman looking at my cat T shirt. Finally she said……I have a cat! I looked up and she started to tell her story, she was in her late sixties I guessed, and her husband had recently passed away. Her daughter gave her a kitten to keep her company.

She said she always thought that cats were for target practice, and never wanted one………..and then she took out her cell phone and showed me photos of her kitten, and told me how she purchased bowls, cat trees, scratching posts and toys for her new kitten.

She said she never knew the joy of owning a cat, and this new kitten is now the love of her life….I could see the love in her eyes. She didn’t know it, but she made my day, I loved hearing her story.

The next time I wore one of my shirts I noticed that people who love cats just have to talk to me, and tell me about their cats.

Now if I am having a gloomy day I just put on a cat shirt, and I am guaranteed to find people to brighten my day where ever I go.

People who love cats just love to find others who feel the same, and a T shirt with a cat on it tells the world that you love cats!


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Cat T Shirts

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Apr 30, 2010 T shirts and conversations
by: Ruth

My sister and I have some T shirts with various cat motifs on, we made to wear when fund raising for cat rescue and they always attract the attention of other cat lovers. People do love to talk about their cats and of course we cat lovers love to listen to their tales.
Have you noticed also when buying cat food in a Supermarket how cat conversations often start ?
When browsing in the pet food aisle I’ve had many a good discussion about various brands of cat food and then exchanged how many cats we each have and what they do etc ….
It turns out that a lot of these people are very lonely, living alone with their cat and don’t see many other people.
My very favourite people are those who love and talk about their cats.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Apr 29, 2010 Pics
by: Michael

Hi Merrily. I like this article. Cats are a good way for people to meet.

If you have a picture or two that would be great – just email me

Michael Avatar

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