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  1. About a cat’s tail being flat underneath the fur, my calico cat and her daughter both have flat tails, rather they are flat on bottom and top and the sides are only slightly rounded. They are not pancake flat, but kind of fat and flat. My Maine Coon has a round tail underneath the fur.

  2. I have two new cats, they are both pointed colors one gray one brown, with the blue eyes they look like Siamese cats. But, they have a really thick tail, not fluffy, no pointed ears, but they are beautiful. Then I have another one that has the blue eyes, like a coffee colored fur, long skinny tail with strips. I was just wondering what kind they really are, since they fit the description of many it’s only the tails that throw me off. Thanks abunch!!! Elizabeth

    • Hello Elizabeth. Thank you for visiting, commenting and showing us your cat. The cat in the picture is probably a non-purebred, blue (grey) Siamese cat. He or she may be purebred but the breeding may not be perfect.This is because I see the tabby markings on this cat. There is the tabby M marking on the forehead and faint tabby stripes on the legs. Pointed tabby cats are called lynx point Siamese cats.Regarding your other cat, that cat may be a chocolate point or seal point Siamese cat. He or she may also be purebred but not a perfect version of purebred Siamese cat. He or she may also be a lynx point Siamese cat. Because you describe tabby markings. My guess is that they are both Siamese cats either purebred or purebred-mix. They cat in the picture looks very close to a genuine Siamese cat.If you are asked to describe them by somebody then I would describe them as Siamese cats because in Siam, now Thailand, the true Siamese cats that you see on the street are like these cats. Breeders have refined the street Siamese cat from Thailand but you could argue that the true version of the Siamese cat is the one that you find in Thailand. I hope that this helps.

    • Hi Pennie. I’d love to see a photo. You can upload one if it is not too large or email me: mjbmeister@gmail.com.

      My impression is that your cat’s tail is just fine. Tails do vary considerably. It is perhaps the fur which is flat rather than the tail itself which is no doubt much rounder 😉 .Thanks for asking Pennie.

  3. We have a cat with relatively short legs and tail, a full solid body, and a rounded head. Her coloring is typical tabby. Her hair is short and thick. We have been trying to identify the breed. The closest we can come is a British Short Hair. She is extremely intelligent and social with the family. Do you have any ideas?

    • She sounds like she comes from British SH stock. They have short dense fur and fit your description. However, to be a “cat breed” the cat has to be registered with a cat association. Those are the rules in the West (Europe and America). That does not take anything away from your cat who may have original Brit blood in her. A similar cat with the same ancestors from long ago is the American Shorthair.

  4. Hi Michael,

    The Chel and the Persian really have fluffy tails.

    They’re beautiful.

    I loved the look of my MCs tails but I also love the look of my hairless cat’s whippy tails. A person might think that whippy tails are not so attractive at first. But once you get to know the cat personality, you fall pretty hard for the whippy tail.

    They love to wrap their tails tightly around your leg. My other cats all do this too but when my hairless cats and my Asian Shorthair do it, they all hold on for longer than average and it really feels like a great big hug.

    Maybe that’s why I like whippy tails so much.

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

    • Tell me what a whippy tail feels like 😉 I have never felt one. It must be a bit strange at first. The little Persian has an amazing tail. It look incredible thick. The Maine Coon in the picture has an absolutely beautiful tail.

      • Hi Michael,

        I meant to say MC rather than “Chel”. That’s a beautiful cat and a great picture.

        I assume you’re referring to a hairless whippy tail. A hairless whippy tail feels like an Asian Shorthair tail except with warm skin instead of fur.

        How does an Asian Shorthair whippy tail feel? Like the tail of most cats but a little stronger and a little warmer perhaps. The hair is short enough so you can feel the warm skin underneath but it’s not quite as warm as a hairless cat’s whippy tail. They tend to linger a bit longer when they tail wrap. It feels like something a bit “more” and a little sweeter for lack of a better way of describing it.

        It’s like they put a little more emotion into it and feel that it’s important to express it via tail wrap.

        Hope that gives you a better idea. You’d be delighted 🙂

        =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

  5. My goodness the persian cats tale is almost as wide as the rest of her (him?) – I must say I really think it looks nice and puffy. I have had 2 long haired cats with tails more like the MC or NFC – I like fluffy long haired tails as much as I like the simple short haired tapering ones. Tails are one of the greatest parts of a cat – so much expression comes from the tail.

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