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Cat tarot? What is that? People also search for “cat tarot cards”, “the white cat tarot” and “black cat tarot” and more; all of which revolve around tarot cards with cats on them including one deck that shows mystical “archetypes” with their cats. The word “archetype” is a word used in psychiatry but for the life of me I cannot understand it!

Anyway, this got me thinking. First what does it all mean and secondly could I make some cat tarot cards and start doing tarot readings for cat lovers using cat tarot cards? How good would that be if you believed in tarot?

Tarot, I learned is pronounced with a silent “t”. By the way, a good site that contains information about Tarot is: Ivy Rose (new window). Before you disappear to that site, I would like to talk a bit about tarot cards with cats on them! And before that a bit about tarot itself.

My thoughts about tarot are somewhat simplistic and naive. Although tarot cards have been used since the 15th century as playing cards; in the modern world, since the latter part of the 18th century, they have evolved and found a role that goes far further namely as a means to acquire an insight into a person's past, current and future life. In short they are usually used to divine the future and understand a bit about ourselves.

The word “divine” means to to foretell; to predict; to presage. Tarot can be used by an individual as an aid in self-understanding and as a route to a better and more successful life by taping into unrealized potential – exciting and interesting stuff. Although you have got to believe in it, obviously. Perhaps the better starting point is to simply keep the mind open to possibilities.

Self help books and courses have taken off in the last twenty years as the world becomes more and more complicated and less and less spiritual. People are seeking something more, something that has meaning. Tarot may help in this quest.

There are usually 78 tarot cards. What is interesting is that there are many different decks. A deck is a complete set of cards. Each card has a picture on it. The pictures are symbolic and rather mystical. They are interpreted by the person reading them on behalf of the client who is undergoing a tarot card reading.

The fact that there are many different versions of the tarot card deck indicates, I think, that there is a great deal of flexibility and subjectivity in the reading and interpretation of tarot cards. Some decks will be more suited to some situations and/or readers of the cards.

Well, last Sunday evening, a friend who knows tarot well, gave me a little demonstration in a central London restaurant in Covent Garden on Halloween! Spooky stuff. There were hundreds of thousands of people in central London dressed up in Halloween outfits.

The basic starting point is to place three cards face down on the table representing the past, present and future. There are a number of variations to the start, some more elaborate, including many more cards, allowing for a more detailed reading.

The reader turned over each card and interpreted them. Astonishingly, the first card (the past) contained an image of a lion! Good start, I thought! It is nice to have a lion represent my past…That may represent my time studying for and becoming a solicitor when I was in my 40s. It was hard and needed a lot of effort. Let’s say it tested me and made me a different person. The qualities of a lion are very suitable in the litigious legal world in which worked. I won’t bore you with the rest but it was fun..and optimistic. Was that optimism born out of a desire by my friend to be nice to me? I am not sure but the cards themselves were optimistic. It wasn’t just about subjective interpretation.

What about cat people cards? This is one of a good number of tarot card decks. I am able to show a couple of cards from this deck under a creative commons license from Flickr:

tarot cards cat people tarot cards the fool and page of pentacles

Showing these cards gives me the chance to discuss, very briefly, their underlying meaning. The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. He represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us. The childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world. The Page of Pentacles represents the ability to enjoy studying and the passion to create new things. Cat people tarot cards are suitable for idealists and dreamers, it is said.

You can buy a book about cat tarot with a tarot cat people deck of cards on and

The above is from the US website – just click on the image The book above is on – just click on the image

I hope you enjoyed this little ramble through a mystical landscape.

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Jun 02, 2011 Interesting
by: Anonymous

Thanks for posting this. I never knew.

Nov 04, 2010 Animals in "MYSTICISM and SU PERSTITION"
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Its very sad but true, humans have always taken a fascination to certain animals as either being mystically good or bad. Cats, especially "black cats" have been persecuted since centuries in Western culture as also serpents and certain bird species for being carriers of "evil superstition".In India, owls are sacrificed during the festival of Divali by certain superstitious people, a fact that exists till the present era. A few days ago, a few owls were rescued before being sacrificed,the larger owls costing upwards of Rs 1,00,000, a large sum of money in India. Movies have also played a negative role in encouraging superstition. most famous bein "Jaws" and the "Harry Potter movies". Wealthy parents in india gift their children owls as pets in keeping with the "Harry potter Mania" and as for sharks, the less said , the better regarding their merciless killing.As for "Tarot card" sessions and readings,its pure psychological babble, preying on human superstition and phobia's.

Nov 03, 2010 Psychic Cats ... and other creatures ?
by: Mary

I can't believe that Misty (cat) is any less psychic than Paul (the recently deceased German octapus, also known as "Calamari" among my Dutch friends) ... !

Perhaps I could offer her a choice of face-down tarot cards and take it from there, but I suspect she's far too intelligent to stand for such pedestrian interaction. Too much like dogs doing simple tricks to impress their people !


I once attended a very interesting talk/demo given by an "animal communications expert". Sorry I can't remember the exact title she used but the demo was with a cat brought along and introduced to her for the first time in front of the group. That was a most impressive afternoon and, I think, a more promising approach.

In the meantime perhaps we will just stick to playing - paper bags, scrunched-up paper ... that sort of thing ! Always fun.

Nov 03, 2010 Video
by: Michael

Here is a French Cat Tarot deck. It is not the same as the one I refer to in the article but it is based around the cat and it is tarot!

Hope tarot fans who are cat and animal lovers enjoy it.

Note: sometimes videos get pulled and if this happens it will be without my notice - the screen will just go black with a YouTube message.

Michael Avatar

Nov 03, 2010 Hi
by: Michael

Hi Mary, thanks for your insights in how to use tarot by oneself.

Cats and tarot seem to go very well together. Cats have powers that we do not - think of Oscar for example. Their senses are more refined - smell and hearing particularly.

There is a good amount of mysticism surrounding the big cats (leopard, jaguar, tiger and lion). The jaguar is one that lives in South America.

The trouble is that people want a piece of the action - literally. They end up killing big cats to try and take some powers from the cat by eating it (e.g. tiger bone wine) or wearing it (tiger skins for sale).

Anyway enough of that. I don't know if a domestic cat joins in a tarot card reading deliberately to influence the outcome or just to play! I should think it is the latter...but I would love it to be the former.

Michael Avatar

Nov 02, 2010 Cats and Tarot
by: Mary

Not surprisingly, tarot often appeals to people of a spiritual nature do cats! Tarot users, enthusiasts even, don't just read for others but often use the tarot on a personal level for insight into, and new perspectives on, all manner of situations.

So, picture the scene ... clear your favorite tarot-reading table (mine is solid oak and was used by my great-grandmother to read tea-leaves and teach her daughters to do the same). Create an ideal atmosphere using candles, incense, crystals, flowers, or whatever ... Gently unpack your tarot deck from its silk pouch and calm your mind to access to heart of the matter of your question via tarot.

As an aside, I always have a chair for the cat at all tables in the house. It is, after all, HER house! I expect all cat-loving households are the same.

Anyway, back to the tarot - begin to lay out a spread, perhaps of 10 or 15 cards ... Tune into the cards, and you probably won't notice the cat on the chair, comfortable but alert.

Tune further into the cards as you turn each over in order to reveal its mysteries. I swear, the sudden cat in the middle of the spread ALWAYS takes me by surprise!!!

The question is, how to interpret this:
* Does she disagree with my interpretation?
* Does she just not like the message/indication?
* Does she simply resent attention focused on other than the most important cat in the house?
* Or ... dare (I say it ) does she consider the cards wrong and delight in offering me the service of distributing them into other places to mean something else?

Cats have long been said to be psychic. I'm sure this one is. Maybe I should just set aside the tarot and ask the cat!

Thoughts Michael?


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