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Cat Teeth, Fur and Leather – A Cat Picture — 12 Comments

  1. Cool picture! The thing that distracted me was a link that said “main coon shot with a .22 rifle”. When I clicked on it I saw Carol’s xray picture and post. I was horrified that anyone would do this.

  2. That’s a really good picture, so close up. Charlie’s teeth do look nice and clean and it’s a typical happy cat pose.

  3. I love that picture. He looks just like Monty. I love Monty’s little mouth. He has it open a lot when he is outside to get better sniffs of everything. I should start brushing Monty’s teeth– I have a cat toothbrush and toothpaste from his vet. I just know it’s going to be a battle, just like brushing and claw trimming. But the vet said even if you can only get a tiny bit of brushing in before he gets too antsy it is better than nothing. Perhaps we will try it today. If I reward him with extra outside time after he might be ok with that. I think it would be very good to start him on a brushing regimen since he sometimes eats things cats really shouldn’t– like potato chips. I just give him a tiny bit of crushed up potato chips because he really goes nuts for them. It probably isn’t enough to put him at risk of feline diabetes, but I was thinking that without amylase in his saliva to break down starches it may put him at even greater risk of tooth decay than a human if he deviates from a diet consisting of primarily animal protein. I wonder if cat food made with plant based proteins increases the risk of tooth decay as well as feline diabetes. I think it’s possible.

    • I am convinced Monty is related to Charlie because they have the same problems. Sadly, very sadly, I think it is not possible for a cat caretaker to brush a cat’s teeth routinely to keep the teeth healthy except in some exceptional circumstances.

      I gave in and had Charlie’s teeth cleaned by a vet. At the same time he had a camera put up his bottom to check out his intestines because he had a bit of blood on his feces.

      His teeth look great now. The whole veterinary thing cost £750 – $1146. Not cheap. I just felt I had to do it.

      Monty likes “potato chips”. In American language those are what we call “crisps”. They are potatoes cooked in cooking oil! He’s become human. Monty is special to me.

      • Monty eats what you would call chips as well, though we call them french fries. My husband had reheated some left over fries from a nice restaurant on his proprane grill out back. He just put some aluminum foil on the top shelf and heated them up right in there. But he dropped one. I saw it sitting there behind the grill and kept forgetting to pick it up. So one day Monty and I are out there and sure enough, Monty grabbed that fry in his mouth and ran with it. I couldn’t get it away from him. He sat by the fence eating it. This was right around the time I was making a very conscious effort to cut carbs in his diet, by eliminating dry food and watching ingredients on the wet food very carefully. All my extra care in this area was for nothing, because he ate over half of that fry and it was a really big, thick cut one.

        • LOL. I have to laugh because he is such a terror. I seems his liking for chips and crisps comes from a hungry early life. Is that it? Cats shouldn’t really like french fries.

          • LOL i love cats!!!!! my nabor Lily had a cat named Charlie too
            he was soooo cute!!!!! i read rilly rilly RILLY thik books about cats its called warrier cat’s there rilly good ,fun book’s to read oh and by the way i’m ten aaaaa no no no wait i’m going to be eleven tomorow 🙂

  4. Lazy boy – doesn’t even close his mouth before falling asleep. Mine often leave their tongues hanging out 🙂 – great photo Michael.

    • Thanks. He has his mouth open quite a lot. He lets his tongue hang out a lot too. Since he had his teeth cleaned, they look quite good, except for the gaps! He spends most of his day on that armchair or on my bed.

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