World’s longest feline is a cat called Stewie in Nevada

by Jerrie Wolfe
(California, United States)

He measures 1.2m from nose to tail, making him the world’s longest domestic feline.

The five-year-old Maine Coon cat, from the US state of Nevada, measures precisely 123.5cm (48.5in).



Note: I will revisit this in the near future and try and do a page on it…Michael

Eight Lives Left

by Ashleigh

You have probably heard about Behr in the story my sister wrote called Alarm Clock Cat well I’m Ashleigh. My cat Behr started not eating. The food would just come back up.

So we took him to the vet. They did exams and x-rays, blood test and they could not figure out what was wrong with him.

We brought him home. We were scared that he would need operations on his tummy. It was going to be $2,000 for that and my mom didn’t have that kind of money to spend on a cat. She would have to put him down.

So the next day we went back to the vet they did more x-rays finding out that he had a blockage in his intestine but it is clearing.

Now he is back home a good as new. I am so glad that we didn’t have to put him down. It would be so lonely with out him.

I love Behr and although he is a little bossy I always will love Behr.

Eight Lives Left

We LOVE our Egyptian Mau

He is awesome and at times crazy….he literally “flys thru the living room, bouncing off the back of the sofa and hubby’s recliner….he loves to “bully” his sister which is a big black 10 year old Chow Chow.

He plays hard and is not shy about just pushing us out of bed…LOL…. have always had cats…this guy is the best yet!! his name is “Boo”….

Friskie, cat life expectancy and cat tumors

by TJM

I had a cat named Friskie that past away around the age of fourteen because of tumors.

If I understand right that is the average age of a cat and the upper average is around nineteen.

The tumors started out small and would seem to disappear and thought that she was recovering, but than the last two weeks of her life it was if they were seeping through her skin. She was very strong and no one could tell that she felt any pain at all. We believe she got the tumors because she never got fixed nor she never had kittens.


Smoka Girl

by Donna

I was searching to find out what “bread” she’d be & /or pics that match her.

I came upon your pic that fits her of a Tiffany cat. She looks just like your pic. She’s very opinionated! She lets you know if she’s not happy, w/ change!

She’ll run around until you follow her to see what she’s not happy with.(usually her potty box or something was moved (furniture).

I inherited her & her (step) brother Leo, (Maine coon). Love them both! Had to find more info on her! She’s so unique! Loves our Alone time. Love for me to pet & brush her.

She’ll swat my hand when I stop. Smoka looks like she weighs a lot to look at her. But she is very light weight – top 5 lbs, small white patch on her chest. Tiny little feet. Gold eyes.

Her color changes to mahogany in the light. She loves my boyfriend’s dog, Bandit (a Huskey). Just had to find out more on her. She’s about 9yrs old. We adore & love her so much! As our other Kids! as we call them!



by Miranda
(Pefki, Greece)

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Our cat Tourlou was found in a gutter. She was so small she came out and sat in my hat and that was that. She decided she was going to live with us. We already had a cat, but that didn't bother her.

She watched our Tzotzo and followed her to the cat litter box and never used the garden again.
Tzotzo passed away this summer so Tourlou has taken over in the house.


A gorgeous looking cat, Miranda. Thanks for sharing from Greece. I waited for more submissions to join with yours as yours was a little short.

Michael Avatar

by Silent

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by Paul
(Minneapolis, MN. U.S.)




She was rescued from a Columbia, MO. shelter.
Chirps and trills with a strange kind of sound.. climbs and hangs from most anything, and Fetches VERY well 🙂


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My boy, Jackie is the most wonderful cat I have ever known

by Maryanne




My boy, Jackie is the most wonderful cat I have ever known. He came to us through tragic means (his previous family had kicked him in the face so hard, they broke his jaw and he couldn't eat).

It took a lot of work to rebuild his face so that he could eat again, and to regain his trust in people. Jackie's been a part of our family now for 5 years. He is very intelligent and empathetic. He knows when I am sick, and will lay next to me quietly.

He knows when I want to play, and although he'll bat at my fingers - he never uses his claws. He's very gentle with my kids, too. He's tolerant of other kitties in our home.

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