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Cat throwing man and woman sentenced to 20 days in jail — 4 Comments

  1. Great non-sequitur piece!! If you’re the opposite side of anti-abuse cases, you make those of us who think all life should be treated with respect, and be free from harm, look marvelous.

    • Kit, did you intend to reply to a comment. If so, you might like to try again as you didn’t reply. This is not a criticism just a notification. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      I have just realised you were commenting on the article but I fail to see why you think the conclusion does not follow from the premise. I have presented a balanced viewpoint. I can’t see what is illogical about that.

  2. Yet, had they killed that cat, it would have been legal. It is the abuse of animals that is illegal. Killing them is legal. Everyone is learning from this … kill your cat before some smarmy cat-advocate gets you in legal trouble for not petting your cat like they want you to pet your cat.

    You’re making cats such a popular pet to own, aren’t you. LOL I love it. Then you whine and complain when nobody wants to take all your unwanted cats. YOU are making them the #1 pet to not want. As well as teaching the rest of the world that cat-people are some of the most unstable and manipulative people on the planet — avoid BOTH at all costs.

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