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Cat-to-human friendly nose touch greeting — 1 Comment

  1. It’s a great video. I think your fans would like to see more of you. Yes, there is a fine line between the delicate, intimate nose touch and the evil, intimidating attempt to kiss as we humans like to do, but they definitely do not. Kissing is also a striking example of the difference between cats and dogs, who are a bit too enthusiastic about it, with their tongue and all. Some people like that but I can do without French kissing an animal. By the same token, cats will occasionally plant their butt by your face when you’re laying down. I am a big fan of what you showed in the video, rubbing my face on the back of their neck. I’m sure they like it, and it’s safe and sanitary. I also want to do some articles on how to touch cats that should be good. There are some nuances that could be entertained.

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