Cat totally wins over man who was ‘not a cat person’

Momo, a cat who looks like a Cornish Rex, fell in love (for want of a better description) with a man who was not a cat person but who is now!

Momo and Ryan
Momo and Ryan. Picture: Emily Young. A total connection. It’s beautiful.
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Momo used to live with Emily Young’s parents but they moved to Japan. They decided that Emily and her boyfriend Ryan should look after Momo until they could sort out pet immigration.

But it was love at first sight for Momo. She was immediately attracted to Ryan and spent the first night in bed with him and the relationship has flourished since. They are inseparable and I guess Ryan has changed his mind about cats.

She just adores him, she loves me too but it’s definitely a special connection she has with him

The 64,000 dollar question is why? It is about chemistry but what kind of chemistry? I suspect it is to do with how Ryan smells 😉 . I am being kind. His scent is probably attractive to Momo. Scent plays a massive role in the lives of cats. Perhaps his body scent is similar to that of his former owner. There’ll be other factors soo, I’m sure, like his voice and general demeanour. Ryan looks like a kind and gentle man. Cats pick up on that. I am presuming that Momo is not going to emigrate to Japan!

When a cat selects their human companion in such a positive and committed fashion you can’t unlock the relationship. It is too special. We don’t know, however, what the outcome will be.

The Dodo (the story’s source) do not mention whether Momo is a Cornish Rex. It would be nice to know because she definitely looks like one. They are quite rare. They are slender and lanky with a curly and wavy coat.

Momo loves Emily too. It’s just that there is something special going on between Ryan and Momo.


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