Cat Town: Japanese circus style cat show (video)

Cat show in Japan
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What do you think of this? It appears to be a permanent show based on trained domestic cats somewhere in Japan. It is like the Moscow Cat Theatre which is relatively famous.

As usual the cats have been trained using positive reinforcement. The treat that she gives them must be incredibly tasty to the cats because they crave it. I wonder, too, whether the cats are hungry. I’d guess that they are.

The cats are almost certainly well treated and cared for properly. However, I do have reservations about using cats to entertain commercially like this. They are being used in a commercial context. It’s a kind of abuse for me although I don’t want to be a killjoy or curmudgeon. But it reminds me of lions and tigers at circuses. Circuses are being phased out. They are old fashioned and out of step with modern life.

Perhaps they are all rescue cats. If so they might have been euthanised but for being used in this way. I think in general the Japanese like cats and respect them.

Also it appears that the audience is almost entirely made up of children. Maybe this is a good thing as it introduces children to domestic cats provided they don’t get the wrong ideas.

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  1. In Japan, the youngest of the generation from the baby boomers has not known how to understand their parents. Let alone their cats.

    • That comment was judgmental. I have not experienced any friends who were so unappreciative of their beloved felines that they declined from comment. We have so much to view learn from the older generation in Japan.


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