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His name is “Able”. How perfect a name is that?! We have seen it before. The beautiful abilities of the domestic cat to overcome massive disability and live a full, normal life. In this instance one-year-old kitten living on the streets of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand was electrocuted when he stepped on live wires. This must have been a serious hazard to both cat and human. The kitten was badly injured but survived. There was a loud bang when he was electrocuted.

I am going to fill in some gaps in the story because I don’t have the hard facts. He must have been so badly injured and burned by the electrocution that he lost the use of his forelegs and his tail was destroyed. He was probably destined to die on the streets but a kind person, Walai Sriboonvorakul, took pity, took him in and got treatment which must have included the amputation of his forelegs.

This made him a “kangaroo cat” or “kango”. Well I find that a slightly unpleasant label. I wouldn’t label him at all. He’s disabled by our standards. We would describe him as disabled using our concepts but he won’t consider himself disabled. Not at all. It won’t enter his head. He’ll just get along as normal as possible by adapting beautifully. He has a super strong back which keeps his body off the ground as he propels himself forward with his hind legs.

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6 thoughts on “Cat – Tragedy – Disability – Ability – Story”

  1. Wonderful story about a beautiful, resourceful cat and his great family. He is NOT disabled, he is handicapable. God bless them all.

  2. Oh my gosh that cat is precious, and so are his humans for saving him. Saving suddenly sounds like a weird word to use (he’s not a bank account). This is a true rescue.

    1. Often there is someone amongst the neglect and despair of cat street life who comes to the rescue. And his life is back on track. He has a nice life now.

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