Cat trained to say ‘Ah’ to accept food morsel

This is a cute video which has captured the imagination of a significant number of internet users. I can see why. The woman has trained her cat to say ‘Ahh’ – open their mouth wide so she can place a food morsel into the mouth. Why does she do this and not rely on the usual feeding arrangements?!

A comment on Pinterest may answer the question.

One comment on Pinterest said: “Sadly this cat is paralysed due to disease. And he depends on his owner to feed him. I’m following the owner account on Instagram. she is Asian, but I can’t tell which country exactly (China or Japan or Korea).

I can’t verify that. I have no idea if it’s correct. It is possible and it may explain why the lady has trained her cat to accept food as a baby would. This is a regular tuxedo cat; a non-purebred. If he/she is paralyzed it is probably due to an accident such as a road traffic accident. They are not uncommon.

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But it is a unique way to feed a cat. It does beg the question as to how the cat drinks water (if they are paralysed). That’s another mystery! The cat is entirely comfortable with feeding this way.

She probably trained her cat to do this by placing the food morsel against the cat’s lips and saying ‘Ah’. She would then gently press the food into her cat’s mouth.

The cat then associates the sound ‘Ah’ with the need to open their mouth to receive the food. You can use a clicker to speed up training as it acts as a bridge between the command and the desired action.

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