Cat trapped in bathroom wall cavity: “This certainly wasn’t your average trip to the bathroom”

Cats are well known for getting themselves into tight places they can’t escape from without assistance. This was the case with an eight-year-old gray cat named Arthur who became trapped in a wall cavity behind the bathtub.

photo copyright RSPCA
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The RSPCA reported Arthur was trapped in owner Jeff Gill’s Gyffin, Conwy home and couldn’t reach him, despite moving some bricks. The owner contacted the RSPCA and animal collection officer Will Gavin and a team of builders managed to free him. It took the team 90 minutes to remove enough chunks from the wall to free Arthur.

Gavin said in an interview with The UK Bulletin

“This certainly wasn’t your average trip to the bathroom.”

Arthur was taken to a veterinarian to be checked and only suffered an injury to his paw and a bit of dust in his eyes and mouth. Jeff reports Arthur is doing really well and the holes in the bathroom have been blocked up.

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