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  1. Hi Shirley, I know it doeesn’t feel like it to you but the cat is a victim too, you are both victims of a bad cat caretaker!
    Cats climb onto cars in the hopes of getting some warmth from when the engine has been running and this means they haven’t much comfort at home, they are usually left out hour after hour and feeling cold.
    Killing the birds is probably a sign that the cat is hungry, marking by spraying indicates he is most likely not neutered, so all in all he doesn’t have much of a home.
    I think you need to calmly point all this out to the owner of the cat, suggest they have him neutered and look after him better or you will have to call on the authorities to help you.
    If it was in England the RSPCA would pay a visit and give them advice on how to care for their cat but by your spelling of neighbor/our neighbour I think you must be in the USA.
    The only other way (which is illegal of course) is to say nothing to them but to find him a good home with a true cat lover and spirit him away, for his own sake!

  2. I would never intentionally harm an animal! Noticed this cat marking my porch furniture and stuff now. OMG! Guest have to walk through that stench to come in! What can I put “on” my car that will deter the cat? My car insurance wants me to call AC but isn’t that live trapping? Why can’t people be responsible pet owners? I have never let my pets roam! My car isn’t a pos, and it’s not fair that my household and this cat have to suffer. Basically, from your response, i have little to no recourse and just need to accept the destruction.

    • Hire a service that can euthanize it. All cats carry toxoplasmosis and are shedding oocysts in their feces= possible death for you. The cat or you.

      • Yet another Woody alias, you must be desperate to seek out this old article to write your spiteful lies and rubbish on. Change the record for God’s sake, we’ve heard it all before and no one gives a damn what you think.
        This site is for CAT LOVERS!

  3. I am not a super huge cat person, but nor do have any I’ll wish towards them. I live in the suburbs, and am having a terrible time with the neighbor’s cat. I love my car, and now there are scratches on it where the cat slips getting up on it. It’s killing all the birds I feed, even the hummingbirds won’t come back. Talking hasn’t helped. What can be done in the best interest of all concerned? It would seem that if someone really loved their animal that they would keep it more contained.

    • Hi Shirley, I sympathise and I love cats and all animals. I do feel that if a cat owner is asked to keep their cats under better control because of genuine concerns from a neighbour, then they should respond sensibly and decently. They have the responsibility to care for their cats and be good neighbours. There are two responsibilities. It is very difficult to know what to do next beyond asking nicely. You don’t want a neighbour dispute that hardens. If your car is scratched by the person’s cat you might have a claim against them in tort for damage to your property. But this is unusual and probably a bad course of action. You might try and deter the cat by putting something that smells unpleasant to a cat on your car. There is no guarantee however. You cannot harm the cat. That would cruel, immoral and a crime. The cat is only behaving naturally.

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