Cat tree? More a cat forest!

This is a photo by Marc of Gigi. He was mentioning that Gigi likes to perch at the top of one of these cat trees in the cat forest created by Marc. I was mightily impressed with the cat-friendly nature of his home. Marc uploaded the picture in a comment.

Many cat trees making a forest
Photo (and cat forest) by Marc. Cat is Gigi
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24 thoughts on “Cat tree? More a cat forest!”

      1. You don’t have to spend a lot on fancy beds or tables. Cats love cardboard boxes with a pillow in the bottom. They love a long table with lots of pillows. I got the desk in Laura’s room for $10. I do a lot of thrift store buying and never give full price for anything if I don’t have to. They go for vetting 4 at a time and that saves on gas since the vet is half an hours drive each way.

      2. I sometimes miss the days when Sealy curled up in the bottom cage like he did here. THIS is his preferred napping position these days. I don’t get much accomplished on the weekends any more. I’m always holding Sealy.

  1. Oh I would LOVE that tree! This is our setup in the living room. And yes, Cujo thinks he’s a cat! We have the two feeding cages on the left where the cats on special diets eat without the others disturbing them. Once they’re done the cage doors are opened back up. A lot of the cats like to nap in them. Plus there’s a big pillow on top of the cages. Then we have the cat tree on the right. The cats like to push the curtain aside and look out the window.

      1. The bottom pole of the tree collapsed so we put the double kitty condo on the bottom to hold the whole thing up. The pillow on top of the cages is the coveted spot. Sometimes 2 cats will share that pillow. Sealy slept in the cage for about 3 months after we started leaving the door open. We keep the cage doors open and also the pet taxi carrier. That way the cats are used to the carrier when a vet visit has to be made.

  2. A kitty paradise – places to climb, places to see the world, a place to hide.
    Heck, I would be happy there. I like doing all those things too.

  3. Ha ha – my bedroom is getting famous. The green fabric at the bottom is a tent I made for them at the foot of my bed. It’s a whole fort really and then there’s the trees. The trees have needed to be reinforced because they really go nuts and run up them chasing eachother. I had to add nails and zip ties here and there to keep it all together. I plan on getting more since they love them so much – I want a couple for the balcony too and I will get the ivy and plants to grow all up them ands they can be the outdoor trees. You can never have too many cat trees – I promise you – anyone – they will love any cat tree you bring them so go for it. Its nice to have them in front of windows so they can see out comfortably and enjoy the view from the little hammocks and platforms 🙂

    1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

      WONDERFUL! Marc you should have the ‘most creative cat lover of the year’ title and the ‘craziest cat man’ title too lol lol

    2. Ha ha – my bedroom is getting famous.

      You have no privacy left. Well, that is the price of celebrity. 😉 Sorry. It was too unusual and interesting to leave languishing in the comments. You have a home that is very cat friendly. More than that it is designed around the cat to an extent. That is what I think house builders should do. Make a percentage of estate houses “pet friendly”.

  4. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Now that is what I call a cat friendly home! I love it! Your cats must get hours of pleasure from all those trees Marc 🙂

  5. Oh my! These cats are living the life! I can’t see how she could ever be depressed Marc. I love the X-ray eyes in this photo! Where is everyone else? She is king of the cat tree forest!

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