Cat tries to breast feed from a dog

Cat tries to breast feed from a dog

by Brandon Hatch
(NE Washington State)

Oreo is our little buddy, he has been with us since he was a baby. In this video you can see he is trying to breast feed from Bella our yellow lab. That’s me you hear laughing in the background. I mean its not very often you see a cat trying to nurse on your dog.

A couple years later, Oreo still thinks that Bella is his mommy. We catch them curled up together napping all the time. Oreo is one cool cat 🙂


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Cat tries to breast feed from a dog

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Feb 12, 2011
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing. I have seen this before but then I do see a lot of photographs of cats!

In one way it is very natural and normal although it looks strange.

When a well socialised young cat becomes attached to a dog, and that happens a lot, the cat who is kept in perpetual kittenhood by us might well feed on the dog who she looks upon as a mother.

It is actually nice to see. It shows that the barriers to relating to and being friendly with other species of animal are all in the head.

We can learn from that because we can hate people of a different colour or religion, a relatively minor difference.

Michael Avatar

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