Cat Trouble With A Capital T

Cat Trouble With A Capital T

by Jan Plant
(Marion,Texas U.S.)

Handsome Boy

Handsome Boy

"Hello everyone. My name is Bully T....My caretakers named me that cuz they say I'm always picking on the others in my colony and the T, well, I guess because I'm a boy cat. I'm not sure who my original family was. Mom Jan seems to think I could be a brother to that ol'stupee Caps.(Shhh, don't tell her I called him that)

But I didn't find my way here until two weeks after that ol'stu...ummm...I mean Caps and Spats came. So we're really not sure.

I am about the same age as those guys. Honest I am. But I'm far more handsomer then them! I have such a beautiful smooth coat and all MY patches are brindle colored.

And my white parts are really shiny and clean; not like..umm, well the other guys are kinda cool too I guess.

My human Mom's are always breaking up my fun and making me stop picki...I mean playing with my buddy cats.They seem to think I instigate it. What ever that means.

But I like it here okay and whether I remember my old family I'm happy and even when I'm in trouble because they started it. I love my new family too..."

Bully T

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Cat Trouble With A Capital T

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Dec 19, 2009 Love it
by: Michael

Laughed at this. I think you're becoming a feral cat as you have definitely got inside the head of Mr Bully T himself, the scourge of the Wild Bunch. He's the bad boy. He's lovely though.

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