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Cat undergoes cosmetic plastic surgery on eyes — 3 Comments

  1. So unnecessary and actually cruel. Animals do not need cosmetic surgery unless it is justified to correct a condition that impairs their daily functioning or causes pain and irritation, such the eye condition entropion. 😱😭

  2. Fucking China again!! This country is a shit hole! They have no animal welfare laws and could care less about them. There are a few humans there that love and truly care for their kids but the majority don’t. The only care about the money. This women is a fucking idiot and should be shot! There was no reason to do this to her cat. Pure ignorance and vanity! They are having a dog show soon and in the next month butchering them for fake medicinal reasons!! This country makes me sick!

    • Yes, Mary, it’s China again. They have yet to grasp the concept of animal welfare. There are some great people in China who are concerned with animal welfare but as a nation it is not in their vocabulary as yet.

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