Cat uninjured and safe after 2 hours 30 minutes of motorway driving in engine compartment

This lucky tortie-and-white survived a hair raising experience when she crawled into the engine compartment of a car in Birmingham which was driven to a block of flats in East London.

Cat survived long motorway journey in engine compartment
Cat survived long motorway journey in engine compartment. Photo: Celia Hammond Animal Trust
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On my calculation – actually the calculation of Google Maps – that’s about 2 hours and 30 minutes of motorway (highway) (M40, M6 and M42) driving.

The cat has found herself in excellent hands at the Celia Hammond Animal Trust. They don’t know who owns the cat as there is no microchip. She is sweet and friendly but had a terrifying experience.

When the driver pulled up outside the apartment building in East London people heard meowing coming from the engine. They discovered her under the bonnet (‘hood’ in the USA).

The cat was going to escape into the streets which would have been disastrous as she’d have fled and been almost impossible to find. She was grabbed before she had a chance to bolt, the Celia Hammond Animal Trust said and taken to one of the flats. Good on that person. Well done.

They don’t know from which part of Birmingham the cat originates. The driver of the car simply wanted the cat removed. He was blissfully unaware of the cat in the engine compartment. It looks like the driver was not interviewed to discover his address in Birmingham (if that was the case) as it would have been a great help in finding the cat’s owner.

If you can help please contact the Canning Town Branch of Celia Hammond Animal Trust on 020 7474 8811 or email: ca*********@ce**********.org .

Source: Celia Hammond Animal Trust on Facebook.


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