Cat unlocks back door to let in woman locked out of home

TEXAS, USA: This is a cute and slightly viral story about a smart tabby rescue cat, Boko, who demonstrated his intelligence and usefulness beyond being a charming companion.

Gabby and Boko
Gabby and Boko. Photo: Gabby Tropea
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College student Gabby Tropea had inadvertently locked herself out of her home as she took her sister, Isabelle to school. Her sister had left the front door keys inside their home and the door self-locked.

Fortunately, they were using an unconventional way to ‘lock’ the back door – in fact, a sliding patio door. They had wedged what appears to be a broom handle inside the door to prevent it sliding open. I quite like that. Perhaps the lock on the patio door was not working which is fortunate because as you can see from the video Gabby was able to successful encourage Boko to remove the broom handle to release the sliding door.

And I must say it does look as if Boko really does understand what was being asked of him and had the intelligence to respond correctly.

COMMENT: Gabby took Boko in when he was a stray cat on her campus. Never say cats are less smart than dogs 🙂 . Or that they are not useful. Domestic cats are good observers and learners. I wonder if Boko has moved that handle before. It looks like it to me.

Being a cynical old grump I wonder if the video was set up. What I mean is that Gabby had noticed that over time Boko had learned to remove the piece of wood to unjam the patio door to get out. You know what cats are like. They want to get out and they find a way to do it. My cat opened a window that was fully closed in order get out.

Having seen that Boko had got into the habit of removing the piece of wood Gabby thought about creating a little video of it taken from the outside. And then turned it into a news story. What about that for a hypothesis?

The story was unearthed by The Dodo. Thanks.


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