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Cat Vaccination Adverse Reactions — 5 Comments

  1. My precious Suzanna became paralyzed in her back legs/tails from vaccines. The tech hit her spine with the vaccines, about 2 hours I found her paralyzed. Only because of an excellent Vet did she recover about 80%. (His clinic did NOT give the vaccines) She was the love of my life and I had her 8 more years.

    • Thank UK Katrina of the sharing your traumatic experience. I’m very pleased that another vet helped to recover her to 80% of her former self. It just goes to prove that even the most routine, simple veterinary procedures can go wrong and in fact it is often the simplest and most routine procedures that are more likely to go wrong because the veterinarian or the technician can tend to become more careless under these circumstances. Susanna had Turkish Van markings around her ears. There are very definite Turkish Van markings. The Turkish Van is, as you no doubt know, a well known purebred cat originating it is said from the Van district of Turkey. Quite a few random bred cats in the USA have these markings which appear to have been imported from Turkey.

  2. Michael, Thank you so much.
    Actually all four cats are extremely sensitive to any chemicals and or unnatural cat foods. I give them grain and soy free with no fillers, when I can.

    Even pour unscented litter in the box [a thick top layer where they are exposed to the most].

  3. Michael_ I have only allowed the basic doses to be administered to my Maine Coons. They already carry some hereditary immune deficiencies/and genetic traits [weakness].

    Mama ‘Theo’ has been vaccinated only once; and she developed an upper respiratory disease, which is intermittent., a slight lameness in her back hip/leg area and since the vet gave her vaccinations at the same time I had her spayed [ a hormonal imbalance.She is now a full time patient and is too large to bathe herself. No-I do not overfeed._
    I used front-line on all of them a few times in the past but NEVER AGAIN. Hair loss and dermatitis, seisures and other obvious signs of poisoning.
    Eva says My cats are 10 & 11-years old now.

    • Your comment is interesting to me. Theo is very sensitive to medication of any kind it seems. I have not heard of that sort sensitivity before. I can see you being a great nurse/doctor to her.

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