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  1. I’ve just had my 3 cats vaccinated with Feligan rcp booster they last had them nearay two years ago. I never get them done every year partly due to the cost. Each time I get them done the vets say that they should start the course again(2 injections). I say no and just get the boosters. Each time I took a cat I was charged a different price £26, £28 and £30. So another argument. I really feel as though I’m just giving them money I can ill afford.

    • I feel exactly the same as you. Humans don’t need boosters so why do cats? Money that’s why. They are changing though. Vets don’t use vaccinations so much these days as a way to get customers in to make money.

  2. Hi! I am very worry about my 10 months old boy kitten , he had an week ago the novibac tricat trio plus novibac felv and he lost the apptite, letargic,and now he went in acute kidney failure… i don’ t now what to do , i feel like my vet is playing up with my cat , now she is kept overnight in itu on iv fluids…please any one gone through this…and what was the outcome

    • Hello, thank you for commenting. I am sorry to hear about your kitten. It is tragic. I did some research. My research led me to the respected catinfo.com website. The link below will take you to a page on vaccinations and on that page there is reference to certain vaccinations causing kidney disease. The page may help you. I don’t have time to research the matter further at this time but it may be the case that your kitten has been over-vaccinated and that this is the cause of kidney failure. I don’t know and please remember that this is a guess based upon some quick research. Have you asked your veterinarian as to what has gone on? She must know.


      I wish you the very best of luck I love goes out to you a 10-month-old boy to. I know how you feel. I feel for you.

      Vaccinations are a contentious issue. In the past I think that it is fair to say that over vaccinating was not uncommon amongst veterinarians in order to pull in the money. I hope and believe that the situation has changed.

      There are a lot of potential reasons for kidney failure in domestic cats. It may be the primary cause of death in elderly cats. But if a kitten has kidney failure combined with other symptoms of illness after a vaccination then one has to come to the conclusion that the cause is the vaccination and your veterinarian must be transparent about this. I would insist on a full explanation whilst being polite at all times.

  3. I have decided from today to stop vaccinating my kittens with this poison. Other breeders experiences would be grateful. Feligen was the one I used

  4. My oldster Dr. Itchy Brother received a rabies booster last year (in order to comply with the law in this little town, a booster once every two years) and went into mild seizure at home about 45 minutes later.

    He definitely did not feel good after the getting the injection, and went and hid behind some furniture. A bit later, I heard some “thumping” and discovered him very, very distraught and in the middle of a petit mal, with developed into occasional grand mals.

    I thought I was going to lose him. He was ever so frightened, too; he was crying like a baby (as was I)

    I did have some cat-strength phenobarbital in pill form, that I considered crushing and mixing with a bit of water and eye-droppering into him mouth to raise his seizure threshold, but obstructing his airway was as big of a concern as any so I just took the “wait and see, and hug him the whole time” route.

    Mixing drugs is not a wise choice either, not knowing what the compound causing the seizure was, nor knowing what further complications a drug interaction might yield.

    He came through the other side of the event so thoroughly exhausted he wanted to nap for a couple of days, and he was ever so weak for that time, too.

    I spoke with the vet on the phone during the height of his distress, and she claimed to have never heard of such a reaction to a rabies vaccination.

    Quite honestly, I did not believe her, and tend to think “bad reactions” happen all the time, but to state otherwise might endanger a big BIG ‘profit center’ for their practice.

    Vaccines for humans are now known to cause a variety of ills, including autism in children. Question: how do you know if your kitten becomes autistic? Is that a possibility with vaccines for kittens?

    The problems with vaccines are NOT the vaccines themselves generally, but the “carriers”; the additional compounds and preservatives that are added to make specific brands “proprietary” and therefor patentable.

  5. I forgot to add that I am in Ireland. Tricat covers flu and distemper. There is a recommended leukemia vaccine but more for outdoor cats. Also, no requirement for rabies vaccine.

  6. Thank you so much for this information. I have 8 cats. All adult except 2 kittens and all are rescues. The 6 adult cats all received tricat vaccines as babies and I have not gotten boosters for any since. Vets here recommend boosters annually but I’ve decided every 5 years is enough as they are all strictly house cats with access to a garden that is fully enclosed for about an hour every other day. My two kittens will receive the first of their first vaccines next week. They too will be on a five year booster schedule. I did this as I feel vaccines are very over used in animals and may cause more harm (especially for low risk) in the long term. None of my older cats have been sick, the oldest being almost 4yrs. Thanks again, I now don’t feel so guilty for the decisions I’ve made.

    • You are spot on in your thinking in my opinion. The vets have finally come around to your way of thinking. Vets have milked the system to the detriment of cat health. I think vaccinations can be quite dangerous. They should be given but to a minimum level as you are doing.

      The idea of annual boosters is fading now amongst vets. My vet didn’t even recommend a vaccination because he said the area where I lived was a sort of disease free zone due to vaccinations amongst the other cats.

      I did not vaccinate my cat Charlie (inherited from my mum who died) at all. He was fine. I only vaccinated him towards the end of his life to get him into a boarding cattery as I was going on holiday. I regret that.

  7. My maine coon (8 years old never was sick ) 4 days after take the NOBIVAC FELINE 1-HCPCh , he was dead .
    Date of venc was Abril / 14 , and was use 28.03.2014
    It is possible this vacine was kill my cat ??
    Thanks a lot
    From Brazil

    • Danny, thank you for your comment. I will do a bit of research right now and add a further comment in response. It is certainly possible that the vaccination killed your cat but I need to check.

    • The vaccine that you refer to is used to vaccinate against feline chlamydophila and other diseases. I read the following on a respected website:

      Because adverse reactions to the Chlamydia vaccine happen more frequently than adverse reactions to the disease…. this vaccine is not routinely recommended

      The author was writing about chlamydiosis, which as far as I’m aware is the same disease or at least caused by the same pathogen. At this time, I can’t find any hard information that this vaccine can seriously injure or kill a cat but based on my general knowledge of vaccines they are able to injure cats and rarely kill them. Accordingly, it is certainly possible that the vaccine you refer to caused your cat’s death. Certainly the timing would indicate that to be the case. I’m terribly sorry to hear about it.

  8. cats are innocent and sweet creatures…if vaccination may endanger their life in anyway then it should not given to them.humans should just be careful with them while playing and handling them.

  9. Estoy de acuerdo con su declaración de apertura, pero no estoy de acuerdo con todo. Todos somos diferentes y tenemos diferentes puntos de vista sobre el asunto y supongo que todo el mundo tiene derecho a expresar sus opiniones

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