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Cat Vaccinations in the Tail — 7 Comments

  1. I agree that surely if they know that vaccinations are so toxic vets should be concentrating on vaccinating less rather than which part of a cat’s body is worth sacrificing, sometimes injections are unavoidable and I do agree that kittens and puppies need some basic protection like children do, but year after year after year, is it necessary, or is it desirable only to the ones who make a regular profit from it. I would think injecting into the tail would hurt like hell as there’s no pad of flesh there. I sometimes think animal (and people’s)medicine has just gone too far and should be stripped back to basics.

  2. I really don’t see how the tail would be ideal, such a guarded and sensitive appendage. You may succeed ONCE in injecting there, but I’ll bet you never will again without brute force!

    I, also, agree that there should be much more discretion regarding which cats really require some vaccinations. As you know, rabies vaccine is required for all cats here. It’s ridiculous to force this on totally indoor cats.

    • such a guarded and sensitive appendage

      Couldn’t describe the tail better. I don’t see it as being practical or welcome amongst the majority of vets. You can see lots inexperienced vets messing up and causing a lot pain.

      It seems the vets are struggling a bit to justify vaccinations because at the end the day they have to be beneficial and if it causes death up to 80k times in the US per year it starts to undermine the process.

  3. I nearly always agree with you because you are right more often than not 🙂
    and I too think that sticking a needle in a cat’s tail would hurt because their tails contain sensitive nerve endings as well as muscle and bone.

  4. I think vets should be concentrating more on whether so many vaccination boosters are necessary rather than where to inject the cat! But it’s the same old story, yearly boosters bring in regular money.
    It’s the same with people and yearly flu jabs, doctors push them on people and most of those people don’t know what’s in them, if they really are necessary or the long term side effects that could happen.
    I know myself from working for vets how drug firms operate to make lots of money and it’s all very worrying!

    • I am pleased you agree with me. You nearly always do, which I like. 🙂 I also feel the tail is not ideal because there is so little flesh there. I would think it would be difficult to get a needle in the tail without hurting the cat but I could be wrong.

    • I agree – enough with the vaccinations already. I’m scared enough taking them in once, let alone every year. I won’t do it. Plus they are indoors for now and I live in a place where I’ve not once seen or heard of a sick cat. I’m sure plenty of people don’t take their cats to the vet every year.

      What bothers me is the information the vet gives you being one sided. They should give you a balanced picture. They should say there are risks. They don’t even say that. They make it sound like a vaccination is a walk in the park. Most people have NO idea that there are risks involved. I didn’t until recently.

      The information is too one sided.

      The fact that a person has to dig deeper to find out a more real and balanced picture just proves that the doctors are in the pockets of the corporations making the meds (and of course the food).

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