Cat Variety Diet “Survivor” Style

by Huey T.

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My kitty is exposed to Raw (weekly), Home cooked (3 to 5 times a week) and both wet + dry foods (daily).

I usually mix a few brands of dry kibble daily for her, different brands of wet foods (rotation style) and then throw in either homecooked or raw for her snacks (raw includes beef, deer and "wild catch" (mice, spiders, frogs etc.) cat style.

She is a very happy & healthy (healthy weight since she's got plenty of exercise) kitty at 11 months old right now with some really awesome fur to boot.

I believe in a variety of different foods AKA buffet style (so kitty have a choice) is better for kitty, albeit it is a more expensive way of course.

4 reasons:

#1) If one brand is contaminated (example from cat food recalls)...

(There is no guarantee that even the best of efforts "since we are not God and can't predict" from the brands itself, the meat / ingredients they buy to make their food can also contaminate the brand, etc.)

Kitty has a choice (using her own nose and judgment) to eat the other food choice left out for it.

Means she does not have to "put up" and eat that "bad" food just because she is hungry.

#2) How we get anti-venom from horses theory or AKA the Egyptian King's "immunity to poison" theory (where they ingest a bit of poison and over time build up immunity)...

I believe if a cat food is contaminated and you happen to feed it to kitty and she eats it... if it is in a "small enough" portion of ingestion, there is a higher chance her own body can purge it out (be it poison or a bacteria contamination) since the contaminant is "weaker".

Thus higher chance of your kitty not getting too sick from it or die from it.

#3) Kitty gets the best coverage of all the different vitamins & minerals...

Just like in the ingredients, not all foods and vitamins are made equal.

Say a brand used an expired dated taurine from their supplier and don't know it, never fear because you have provided kitty with a source 2 taurine from another branded food. Daily nutrition covered!

#4) Training the "Iron Stomach" a.k.a. great looking poopies.

-Notice how they always urge the change of foods from different brands be made slowly?

Since little, I have the fortune to be exposed to many different foods and have built an "iron stomach" (Chinese term), and no allergies to food whatsoever because I have never been picky with what I eat.

(Even though sushi did give me the runs when I first ate it (raw) at 10 but have gotten so used to it anymore that my digestive system can handle it without any problems.)

I believe in exposing kitty to different foods too when she is little so she has that same food immunity built up.

~Just my own 2 cents.

Huey T.

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Cat Variety Diet "Survivor" Style

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Apr 23, 2011 great tips
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

I think you are on my friends list on a cat social networking site. I'm glad you found PoC! What an informative article. I take somewhat the same approach with Monty, but not to the same extent that you do. He gets a couple different brands of cat food and also tuna, sardines or salmon on occasion. I am trying to add more fish to my diet. Amazing how the second I've opened a can of tuna Monty is there. His nose knows. I have to share with him. I figure a little variety in his diet is good for him too.

Apr 22, 2011 hyyj
by: Anonymous

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  1. That’s a great idea for feeding your cat. I work with the Seminole County Animal Control and I know that is a great idea. We are already on a tight budget and feed the cats whatever cat food gets donated. We deal with a lot of wildlife removal companies and most just drop off everything the catch and leave! I think what your doing is really smart and great for your cat!


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