Cat Versus Postman

This is an amusing video of cat versus postman. I remember an article I wrote a long time about cat attacks on a postman in England. My initial belief was that postman shouldn’t be frightened of cats and the domestic cat doesn’t just attack people as if they were prey unless strongly provoked in which case it is a defensive attack.

Cat Versus Postman

Cat Versus Postman

However, there are some postman versus cat encounters. I could widen that and say visitors versus cat encounters unless the cat has a thing against postmen. Here is a funny one.

In truth this is not a cat attack at all. It’s a cat playing. It seems the cat is home alone and perhaps bored. When the postman turns up it is time for a game. We know that cats love to poke their paw through holes, under sofas etc. to fetch a toy out. It is a hunting game – play hunting as are all cat games. A cat is trying to dig out a mouse or some other small mammal.

In this case the hole is the letter box and the mouse is the letter. Very amusing and the postman is charming. He had the good sense to video it. It is a successful video.

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Cat Versus Postman — 10 Comments

  1. I loved that I really laughed out loud 🙂 I thought the postman was great as well a real top bloke for taping it so we could find that fab kittie as entertaining as he did. Lovely 🙂

  2. I, actually, saw this on television.
    The program is called Funniest Home Videos.
    At one time, they focused on Funniest Pet Videos, so this could have been where I saw it.
    I like them, because they are humorous and very respectful.

  3. This was very funny. The cat is very beautiful too. He/she is a funny cat – very silly indeed. Cats can be very silly – I know it’s a human term but I don’t mind it – they are silly 🙂

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