Cat visited previous home 0.75 miles away when current owners were away for weekend (video)

Cat visited previous home 0.75 miles away when current owners disappeared for a weekend
Cat visited previous home 0.75 miles away when current owners disappeared for a weekend
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This was a finding by a study in which cats were fitted with video cameras to see what animals they preyed upon. It is interesting to me that this cat travelled almost a mile from their current home to their previous home when their current owners where away for a weekend.

The cat knew exactly how to navigate to his previous home which confirms the navigation abilities of domestic cats which is believed to be based on a sensitivity to the earth’s magnetic field so they can figure out where north, south, east and west is and relate this to their journey from their previous to new home. Cats are also able to memorize landmarks and so on to map the district and navigate.


It is the deterimination to get to his old home which impresses. As mentioned it is a good distance with hazards on the way. There is a very big drive to achieve the goal. Also it shows how domestic cats depend upon human companionship and humans for security, warmth and food. Being left alone for the weekend was enough for the cat to seek an alternative interaction with humans. It is very rational behaviour. As rational as human behaviour.


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