Cat vomited a Lot of liquid and now is sneezing

Cat vomited a Lot of liquid and now is sneezing

My kitty girl is 14.5 years old. She was recently diagnosed with the beginning stages of renal failure. She was just fine this morning, up on the bed and meowing and wanting to be petted. Yesterday she was even more urgent about me getting up to feed her. Kitty kisses were non stop! Tonight however, she cratered. She ate very little food. Then she was very quiet and lethargic and then I heard what sounded like her bowl of water being dumped out. I came out and she had thrown up. It was a lot and mostly liquid. But she threw up so hard that she ran and her head was leaned back and she was moving her face back and forth as if to say “no no no”.

Her mouth was open in a kind of frozen open state, the same expression when they open their mouths to get the scent of something on that area on the roof of their mouths. And now she is sneezing frequently. Could she have aspirated some of the vomit? She did drink quite a bit of water after she vomited. One thing I have done was I began giving her dry K/D food starting yesterday. She gobbled it up yesterday and didn’t seem to have any problems. Today she was fine and cratered this evening. The sneezing has me worried. I am taking her to the vet first thing in the morning…if anyone is up right now please let me know if any of this sounds life threatening. Emergency vet bills are outrageous and I only want to do it if absolutely necessary and not as a “just to be safe” thing. But I will do it if anyone has a similar experience and can tell me if she is just feeling ill or if she is in serious trouble. Thanks

Admin: I have not had first hand experience of this but judging by the way she vomited it seems that she has vomit inside her nasal passages. If the sneezing passes it probably is that. I don’t see a connection with renal failure and sneezing. I am sorry to hear of your cat’s illness. Someone better qualified should advise though.

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