Cat vs Fox

My 15lb three legged cat wins in a cat vs fox contest. This is not to say that I set it up or like a cat vs fox contest. That is not my style. But I feed a fox, a really nice looking urban fox, who I call Freddie (what else) and who comes around in the middle of the day sometimes to see me.

Here is superb Freddie:

Urban Fox, London

I love foxes. Some people hate them but I can’t understand why.

Here is Charlie:

Charlie meerkat on a bench

Anyway Freddie comes around to see me in West London, UK, where I live for some food and Charlie my three legged cat goes out into the garden sometimes.

There was going to be a collision. This would not usually happen as foxes scavenge for food at night and Charlie stays in at night.

They have met before when the fox ignored Charlie.

This time I had to lock the cat flap to prevent Charlie going out but as you can see in the video he has a go at getting through the cat flap and at the fox.

Cat  vs Fox

The fox wisely decides to go away. On the basis of this short encounter it would appear that the large domestic cat will be too much for the urban fox.

It must depend on a number of circumstances as to who wins the cat vs fox fight, if it had to happen. But I would be surprised if it would happen because foxes are wild. They need to scavenge, hunt for prey and be active to survive. They need to steer clear of trouble that might injure and prevent them hunting.

There is no doubt in my mind who won this cat vs fox encounter, though.

The experts would seem to support what happened in this case. Perhaps a very hungry fox might attack a young, old or small domestic cat but almost all the time they would just steer clear of each other.


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Cat vs Fox

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Feb 06, 2012
hes so cute NEW
by: kathy W

Your fox is so adorable. Around where I live we see more coyotes than foxes. I did see one one morning on my way to work one day. I go to work very early like around 4 am and I get to see much wildlife. One morning I had a deer run out in front of me with two coyotes chasing it. What a glorious sight for me to see. I see more coyotes and deer than anything although in the summer skunks and racoons are plentiful.

Feb 05, 2012
Beautiful London Fox NEW
by: Ruth (Monty’s Mom)

Your London Fox is so beautiful. My husband and I saw one on Howard Ave. in Bayview, WI standing right next to the busy road in the rain. I suppose it’s not a fair comparison, because our fox was all wet, looking quite bedraggled and thin. It seems the foxes around here have redder, longer fur and are slightly smaller than your London fox.

I too allow Monty to go out in a limited way, but I worry about him, so I’m usually out there with him or watching through the back door. He deserves some happy moments out in the sun. He stays in our fenced yard. We do have coyotes nearby, but I’ve never actually seen one. I think he’s fairly safe during the day, since we live in a busy neighborhood with many big dogs in yards near ours. I don’t let Monty out in the morning while it’s still dark anymore. There was a big possum out there one morning and it scared me to death. I ran out barefoot (in winter) in my nightgown to scare it away. I don’t think Monty even noticed it. The neighbors must think I’m the crazy cat lady, always opening the door calling for Monty or running out there to check on him in my pajamas. But it’s a balance between giving him as normal a life as possible, but also being responsible for him.

Feb 05, 2012
Charlie NEW
by: Edward

I think Charlie is a handsome boy and Im mighty impressed the way he saw that fox off.
I dont think its fair to keep cats prisoners if you can help it as they do love to go out sometimes.
Cats with happy homes dont go far away.

Feb 04, 2012
by: Michael

Apparently in a survey in Bristol, England, one in 1,225 cats were killed by foxes and this single cat was most likely to be a kitten. This is an area of high fox population as well.

I think Charlie is more or less 100% safe from being attacked by a fox. He is a large cat and he is quite intimidating (not to me!) to animals of a similar size.

He has dominated the area with respect to the other cats.

There are quite a lot of foxes in the part of London where I live because there is a large common (wooded public but quiet area) nearby where they live. There is also a golf nearby.

Feb 04, 2012
Charlie is very brave !
by: Ruth

Charlie is SO brave ! They could do with borrowing him at Kays Hill to see off a Mr Fox who is calling at night.
Kevin is desperate for a solution and some bright spark offered a 12 bore shotgun !
The chickens and small animals are safely in their sheds at night but Mr Fox has gnawed at the sheds and Kevin is also worried he might come in the day time when they are outside.
Killing is not an option to Kevin, he loves foxes like he loves all creatures great and small.
Does anyone here know of a humane fox deterrant ? Apart from Charlie lol
It’s been suggested human pee puts them off and I’ve read up about it and it does seem to work although as Kays Hill is such a rambling place it would take a LOT of pee to go all round the edges.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Feb 04, 2012
Loved the video!
by: Kay @ Serenity Farm

I loved the video. I must say are you sure you live in London? I had no idea Foxes were so urbanized. Here in the farm we see more Raccoons and Skunks messing around the farm. Skunks and barn cats will eat out of the same dish at the same time , which really does catch me by surprise sometimes. The skunks know when it is feeding time and have never sprayed ( Thank heaven).
Racoon’s can be a problem at times as they will fight and attack the barn cats over food. I chase them away with a broom when I see them.
I would love to have a visiting fox. I do not think there are any in my area though.

Feb 04, 2012
by: Michael

Yes, I do worry about Charlie. It is the old debate about letting cats out etc. He is big and smart and quite reserved and shy so he plays safe when he has to but as you can see he has a bit of alpha male in him!

He does not go out much so on balance I feel he is as safe as he can be for a cat who goes out.

I like him to go out. I guess this is the English way.

Feb 03, 2012
Charlie vs. Freddie
by: Dorothy

This video was so fun to watch. Good catching it! It’s perfect. I’d worry about Charlie I think, but the fox means him no harm I’m sure. The London fox looks so regal.

Thanks for the fun.


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