Cat waistlines at risk from high calorie treats

Gram for gram, many cat treats are as calorific as the junk food that we eat. Only a handful of manufacturers list calorie content.

Calories in cat treats

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Dreamies cat treats (“treats cats crave”) contain about five percent more calories than a glazed Dunkin’ Donut. For dogs, Bonio dog biscuits contain approximately 53 percent more calories than a McDonald’s Big Mac!

Whiskas Dentabites contain 14 calories per serving. Felix Goody Bag Original Mix amounted to 60 calories.

At this time I don’t have further research to add some details but the point has been made. The killer is that there are many healthy alternatives. Plain cooked chicken comes to mind for one.

The pet food manufacturers want to please us so we buy more. We are pleased when we see our cat enjoying his food.

2 thoughts on “Cat waistlines at risk from high calorie treats”

  1. No packaged treats allowed here.
    Treats consist of a dab of salmon, shrimp, or tuna every other month or so.

  2. Good article Michael. I don’t think people consider how calorific some treats we give our pets are and this includes human food treats.

    1 potato chip (crisp) = ½ a Big Mac
    1 oz. piece of cheddar cheese = 2½ Big Macs
    1 cup of whole milk = 3 Big Macs

    The RSPCA estimates that on average, a cat’s lifespan is reduced by 6 months for every 1kg they are overweight. That’s a very sobering thought and something all pet owners should be aware of.

    The only treats I’ve ever given my cats are Thrive freeze-dried 100% chicken breast ones. I like them because not only are they pure meat, but they’re quite versatile too. You can add water to serve them as a snack or crumble them to sprinkle over the top of wet food to tempt a fussy/poorly cat to eat. The rattling of the treat tube is often far more effective at getting the cats to come indoors than me calling their name is 😉


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