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Cat waistlines at risk from high calorie treats — 2 Comments

  1. No packaged treats allowed here.
    Treats consist of a dab of salmon, shrimp, or tuna every other month or so.

  2. Good article Michael. I don’t think people consider how calorific some treats we give our pets are and this includes human food treats.

    1 potato chip (crisp) = ½ a Big Mac
    1 oz. piece of cheddar cheese = 2½ Big Macs
    1 cup of whole milk = 3 Big Macs

    The RSPCA estimates that on average, a cat’s lifespan is reduced by 6 months for every 1kg they are overweight. That’s a very sobering thought and something all pet owners should be aware of.

    The only treats I’ve ever given my cats are Thrive freeze-dried 100% chicken breast ones. I like them because not only are they pure meat, but they’re quite versatile too. You can add water to serve them as a snack or crumble them to sprinkle over the top of wet food to tempt a fussy/poorly cat to eat. The rattling of the treat tube is often far more effective at getting the cats to come indoors than me calling their name is 😉

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