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Cat Walking With Toes Bent Under — 6 Comments

  1. My cat is often splaying his back paw toes when standing or lying down. The right paw he does more and it has a small cyst the vet squeezed to drain on top of the paw. The outer toes separate away from the paw. I sent the photos to a neurologist and asked if it was normal and he said no. I had blood work done, comprehensive including an IBD test because he hunches. xray (constipation seen and I read that could cause hunching), hips, feet abdomen normal. Blood glucose 255 but he was stressed. He is 8 years old and has a flare up of a rectal prolapse at times since young -see red at rear. What could be causing his paw splaying? Thank You.

    • Bonnie, are you saying that your cat’s toes spread out because your cat consciously does this? Or are you saying that your cat has no control over it? ‘Splaying his back paw toes’ means spreading out the toes as if it is part of the stretching process. Is that what you are describing?

  2. hi, it may be C A very similar to CH but cats are not born with it. my 6 month old kitten has the same thing and keeps falling down the stairs 😔 how is your cat now??

  3. Hello there, so sory th hear all of this. our cat 11 years old was all of a sudden dragging his rear legs. took him to the vet. with meds and x rays blood tests exc… not inexpensive. Hes worth it though. No eating or Drinking, wouldnt move. started doing therapy on my own….. giving him hope, making him walk to breakfast, lunch and dinner… dragging at first. with my hand under him. shaking his treat box in diferent parts of the house. This morning he walked into our bedroom and was purring like a little machine!!!! also bringing him outside to hear and see the birds. sorry. This post is choppy. Im busy with him. I also stopped forcing him to take food. Hes back! Walking in the top of his foot though. Vet today. More therapy and love!!! We feel very lucky. Good luck.and love to all tha kitties.

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