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Cat Walks on a Leash like a Dog Because She Was Raised by Dogs — 4 Comments

  1. Handy tip:

    When walking with your cat that is leashed, do try ever so hard not to encourage, nay allow! you cat to jump higher up the tree trunk than you can safely reach to retrieve him/her. Thats about head height if you think about how wide your range of movemwnt needs to be to safely get hold of that wayward puss.

    Failing tbat, rely on tree climbing skills that you may have learned maybe last used 50 years ago!

    • Thanks for the handy tip. You’ll be lucky to get your cat to a tree when out walking with him//her 😉

  2. My cat walks with me for awhile, then I let go of the leash, and let her sniff the grass, and other things of interest. Sometimes we just sit next to each other enjoying the sun.

    When I want to walk, I just say “Let’s walk” and grab the leash and tug a little. When she starts walking with me, I say “good girl!”. At the end of our outdoor time, I always have to carry her in. She’d much rather stay outside, and never walks back to the house. But once we’re at the house I put her down, and she waits for me to open the door. She walks in, and I take off her halter and leash.

    I started doing this when I adopted her as a feral at about a year old. So, I think she’s doing pretty good for being born a wild, free kitty.

    • Nice bit of training Sandy. I have done a bit training too. I’d like to do more but lack the motivation to he honest.

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