Cat Wallpapers

Here are free cat wallpapers, black cat wallpaper (2 images), Cheshire cat wallpaper (2 images), Christmas cat wallpaper (2) and ordinary cat wallpaper.

All the photos here are cropped to fit a computer screen more accurately. This is allowed under the creative commons license selected. The photos are from Flickr photographers and the credits are Flickr user names. Links (on most occasions) are provided to the respective photographer’s home page on Flickr.

Instructions for Creating Desktop Wallpaper

The instructions immediately below relate to the photos on this webpage. The cat wallpapers are in pairs. The top photo is a thumbnail of the cat wallpaper image that you download. The bottom photo is how it looks when installed. Click on the smaller of the two images (the top image) and you are taken to a large wallpaper image.

Right click on that large image and select “Set As Desktop Background…” This creates the wallpaper. Select “Stretch” to ensure that the image fills the screen. Icons on the desktop are usually aligned to the left and in columns. That is why the cat wallpapers are prepared to accommodate this. You can, however, move desktop icons manually (see below).

For photos that you have created and which are on your desktop already, these are the instructions for making cat wallpaper from your own images:

Select Control Panel >> Select Appearance and Personalisation >> Select Change desktop background >> Select Browse >> Select your picture >> Select Open >> Select OK (choose stretched image or repeated image or central image). This relates to Windows Vista. Other MS operating systems are similar.

Black Cat Wallpaper

black cat wallpaper 3

Photo by jans canon

black cat wallpaper 4

black cat wallpaper

Photo by pedrosimoes7 – with this particular black cat wallpaper you can manually move the icons into the area of the black cat if you like. This is how to move icons manually:

  1. Right click on the desktop
  2. hold cursor over “view” a sub-menu comes up
  3. Make sure “Auto Arrange” is unchecked. If it is checked, click on it.
  4. Then move the icons into the space by left clicking on the icon, holding it down and dragging to the desired position on the desktop.

black cat wallpaper 2

black cat wallpaper

Photo: by ssoosay

black cat wallpaper 12

Cheshire Cat Wallpaper

cheshire cat wallpaper

Photo by tinyfroglet

cheshire cat wallpaper

cheshire cat wallpaper

by Jim, the Photographer

cheshire cat wallpaper

Christmas Cat Wallpaper

free cat christmas wallpaper

Photo by cobra libre (Flickr)

cat christmas wallpaper

cat christmas wallpaper 11

Sincerest apologies but I have lost the author’s Flickr name for this photo. Please advise. There are contact details at the base of this page.

cat christmas wallpaper 111

Ordinary Cat Wallpapers

No cat is ordinary actually. Here are two that you wouldn’t usually make wallpaper but which are very suitable:

ordinary cat wallpaper

Photo: by Steve took it

ordinary cat wallpaper 2

ordinary cat wallpaper 5

Photo: by neeZhom ~ away ~

ordinary cat wallpaper 6

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