Cat Wants His Teeth Brushed

What can you say? It makes me chuckle. There is a certain fascination about the video which was originally an animated gif. I converted it into an MP4 video on the Internet. I suppose its fascination comes from the fact that 99.9% of domestic cats won’t allow you to clean their teeth with a toothbrush unless you have trained them to accept it from a very young age.

Of course, in truth, this is not a cat having his teeth brushed by a cat who wants a toothbrush placed into his mouth for some reason or other perhaps because it tastes nice.

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4 thoughts on “Cat Wants His Teeth Brushed”

  1. Some of my cats would let me brush their teeth, but most will bite if they see the toothbrush. So its been a lot of years since I tried to brush. However, I have found that many of my cats will accept my finger in their mouths to massage their teeth and gums.

  2. How darling! I wish my kitties would let me brush their teeth with ease. They hate it but I do it anyways. Crucial for a healthy blood stream.

    1. I had the chance to train mine because I raised him from 7 weeks of age but I did not. Lazy me. And now one day I will have to take him to vet for teeth cleaning and the dangers that brings.

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